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Huawei Unveils All-Optical Rail Transportation Network Solutions 
December 21, 2022 News


Huawei recently unveiled a series of all-optical rail transportation network solutions, including the next-generation urban rail bearer network solution—urban rail cloud optical network, as well as the railway all-optical backbone network solution.

In view of the network requirements and challenges in the urban rail cloud era, Huawei offers a next-generation urban rail bearer network solution—urban rail cloud optical network. Xiong Xianyin, CTO for the Rail Industry at Huawei Aviation & Rail BU, said that the urban rail cloud optical network solution delivers high bandwidth, low latency, high security, and high reliability, which helps build a network that supports the sustainable development of smart urban rails, and better underpins smart urban rail construction based on the cloud architecture.

Huawei urban rail cloud optical network solution offers the following features:

  • Ultra-broadband pipe. Gray light and coloured light coexist in one networking, which is an innovation that supports on-demand flexible network capacity expansion, through expanding wavelengths. The supported bandwidth can evolve seamlessly from 100G to 200G, or even beyond 300G. One set of devices and one pair of fibers can meet the evolution requirements over the next decade.
  • Ultra-low latency. Cloud-based services use 10G single-wavelength transmission to the control center in one hop, eliminating the transmission latency of intermediate nodes. The end-to-end latency is less than 1 ms, ensuring a premium service experience.
  • Secure operations.Service systems are physically isolated from each other end-to-end, and each service enjoys a dedicated physical channel, ensuring security.

Huawei provides the railway all-optical backbone network solution based on the native hard pipe (NHP) technology, developing a future-proof highly reliable transmission network for smart railways. The solution has the following features:

  • Physical isolation. It inherits SDH features and supports sustainable evolution to the fifth-generation hard pipe technology OTN OSU. It provides 100% physical isolation for key services to ensure complete service security.
  • Seamless evolution.It supports the multi-service convergence platform and can carry both GSM-R and FRMCS wireless communication technologies, ensuring a seamless evolution of train control networks.
  • Simplified O&M. The management platform of this solution inherits SDH O&M habits. O&M teams can directly reuse this platform.

Huawei all-optical network aims to build a secure, reliable, and continuously evolving all-optical base for rail transportation, providing fundamental network assurance for digital and intelligent rail transportation.