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Huawei Unveils Media Real-Time Streaming Alliances to Fuel Long-Term Growth and Empower Digital Marketing in APAC
March 15, 2023 Blog


“Go Together, Grow Together.”

This is the message that Huawei aims to bring to all of its alliances as they embark on a journey together to achieve long-term success. This can be attained through the development of partner competencies and a comprehensive transformation of the partner network during the HUAWEI CLOUD APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023, which has recently taken place in Bali, Indonesia. This two-day summit is the most important Partner event within the Asia-Pacific Region’s Cloud Ecosystem.

During the summit, Huawei announced many critical alliances, including the Media Realtime Streaming Alliance, which could significantly influence the digital transformation journey of partners within the Asia-Pacific region. The alliance’s primary focus will be to ensure seamless end-to-end connectivity, thereby becoming the best solution in order to accommodate the ever-increasing needs for live broadcast services across different environments as the Internet continues to evolve at an exponential rate.

Over the years, real-time streaming has become increasingly crucial for businesses in the region as it allows them to reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and improve customer experiences – ultimately resulting in higher revenue and growth opportunities. It has also enabled businesses to adapt quickly to changing market trends and consumer behaviour, whilst staying ahead of competitors in this digital landscape.

As a result of the region’s rapidly expanding digital marketing needs, the industry is now calling for a secure, cost-effective and reliable real-time media streaming over cloud infrastructure. This demonstrates the increasing importance of this alliance within the Huawei ecosystem, as it can empower the market and speed up the adoption of digital marketing across the APAC region, resulting in an increase in revenue.

All of these goals can be achieved with modern, cloud-optimised solutions, such as Huawei’s unrivalled Content Delivery Network (CDN). Huawei is already collaborating with leading telecommunications companies across the globe to construct a worldwide CDN infrastructure. This is part of its long-term strategy to ensure the efficient distribution and processing of data in the cloud, facilitated by the availability of a consolidated global network.

At the APAC Partner Leadership Summit, Nicole Lu, Head of Partner Ecosystem at Huawei Cloud APAC, announced members of the Media Realtime Streaming Alliance, from diverse industries such as blockchain (One2Cloud), telecommunication (China Mobile International and Shanghai Chuanglan Yunzhi), and IT & Consultancy Services (Chinasoft). Surge, a prominent digital firm, helps businesses in Indonesia with digital transformation whilst Qutoutiao, a provider of an ecological platform for creating high-quality content, and finally, CBN Cloud, a technology company developing advanced tools to enhance digital services, as part of this alliance.

To ensure that all of the parties can benefit and “grow together,” Huawei will combine the technological advancements of their own devices together with the advantages of the carriers’ channels to better serve their customers.

Huawei believes that the alliances it unveiled at the APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023, particularly the Media Realtime Streaming Alliance, will pave the way towards the future of instantaneous speed of content delivery in the region. This will result in a faster, more reliable, and more personalised streaming experience for users. It will also likely drive greater adoption of real-time media streaming across a range of industries, creating new opportunities for businesses to connect with their audiences and grow their customer base.