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Hyundai Mobis to Unveil New Technologies for Purpose-built Mobility at CES 2023
December 6, 2022 News


Hyundai Mobis will be showcasing its products in its largest exhibition space ever at CES 2023, where it will unveil a new convergence technology optimised for the purpose-built vehicle (PBV).

Under the theme “Hi! For a Better Tomorrow!’” Hyundai Mobis will be unveiling new PBV concept models M.Vision TO and M.Vision HI for the first time. “TO” refers to going “toward” the future, whereas “HI” refers to “a humanity-oriented” driving experience. M.Vision is Hyundai Mobis’ brand that symbolises its philosophy and vision for future mobility technologies.

M.Vision TO is a self-driving vehicle based on an electrification system featuring cameras, radars, LiDARs, e-corner modules and MR displays that are integrated into the four pillars located on the front and rear sides of the vehicle. Inside M.Vision TO are PBV-grade seats that can be folded or rotated.

M.Vision HI is a PBV designed for leisure, relaxation and outdoor activities. The glass of the vehicle can be used as a large display screen to watch movies or even enjoy online shopping. M.Vision HI features gaze-assisted remote control technology that utilizes the eyes of the user as the controller, allowing them to appreciate the content without any additional manipulation.

The new convergence technology incorporates advanced systems such as self-driving sensors, e-corner modules for independent driving and steering and Mixed Reality displays into the vehicle frames. With this innovative technology, Hyundai Mobis will widen the possibilities for purpose-based mobility, delivering features specially tailored to the needs of drivers.

In addition to the new PBV concept models, Hyundai Mobis will also be showcasing 19 of its newly developed, mass-producible mobility technologies at its exhibition space, including the future cock-pit integrated solution (MVICS 4.0), LED grille lighting and hologram AR-HUD.

Ahead of the conference, Hyundai Mobis will be presented with the CES 2023 Innovation Award for its swivel display technology and new concept rear wheel suspension technology. The swivel display is characterised by a moving structure on which a 32-inch ultra-large display moves vertically. The new concept rear wheel suspension is an innovative technology that can be applied to future vehicles, such as EVs and PBVs, to facilitate integrated functions and weight reduction.

To discuss these new technologies along with the future direction of the Hyundai Mobis business and its carbon-neutral initiatives, the company will be hosting a press event on the 5th of January at Hyundai Mobis’ exhibition booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall #4441.