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Ivanti Extends Neurons Platform to Help Customers Strengthen Cybersecurity Posture and Deliver Secure, Contextual Digital Employee Experiences 
April 22, 2022 News


Ivanti, the provider of the Ivanti Neurons automation platform that discovers, manages, secures and services IT assets from cloud to edge, has announced three new integrated solutions: Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager), Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management and Digital Experience Score capability within Ivanti Neurons Workspace. With these releases, Ivanti continues to deliver on its mission of enabling and securing the Everywhere Workplace by helping customers to further manage, automate and prioritise cybersecurity and deliver secure, contextualised and productive employee experiences.

Ivanti designed the Ivanti Neurons platform to help organisations address the exponential growth of edge devices, the unprecedented increase in cyberattacks and the need to provide employee experiences that equal the quality of everyday consumer experiences. Today, Ivanti Neurons empowers organisations to autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices and self-service end-users. Additionally, Ivanti releases updates to the platform on a quarterly basis to further help customers quickly and securely embrace the future of work. See below for details on the latest innovations:

  • Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM. This solution enables customers to achieve Microsoft’s vision of modern management by extending existing Intune implementations to include third-party application update capabilities without the need for any additional infrastructure. Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM also provides actionable threat intelligence for IT teams to prioritise and remediate those vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to their organisation. This is critical as a recent Ivanti survey revealed that 71% of IT and security professionals found patching to be overly complex and time consuming and 53% said that organising and prioritising critical vulnerabilities takes up most of their time. With Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM, patch reliability insights enable users to evaluate application updates based on their real-world reliability before deploying them to avoid failed updates.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM). This solution helps organisations measure, prioritise and control their cybersecurity risk so they can better protect against ransomware and other dynamic cyber threats. This is critical as ransomware groups are continuing to grow in sophistication, boldness and volume. The Ransomware Spotlight Year End Report revealed a 29% increase in CVEs associated with ransomware and a 26 per cent increase in ransomware families in 2021 compared to the previous year. Ivanti’s proprietary Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR) quantifies adversarial risk so customers can take risk-based prioritised action, while automation increases the efficiency and effectiveness of vulnerability management processes. Additionally, role-based access control (RBAC) plus information available in both ready-made and customisable views enable better communication and collaboration among security stakeholders.
  • The Digital Experience Score within Ivanti Neurons Workspace. IT organisations are increasingly tasked with delivering great digital experiences, which can positively impact productivity, talent acquisition and retention, security and operational agility. However, many IT organisations struggle to effectively quantify and optimise those employee experiences. The Digital Experience Score provides a 360-degree view and real-time insights into the devices, operating systems, networks and applications that employees rely on in the Everywhere Workplace. It proactively monitors and effectively measures the impact of the total employee experience by individual, employee, division, department and persona. It immediately gets organisations out of using ticket counts as a proxy for employee experience, as closing tickets alone is not the service-level agreement (SLA) that needs to be measured. Rather, organisations need to quantify how effective IT and digital experiences (XLAs) are and seek new ways to improve them.

“I’m excited to unveil these new solutions, which massively enhance our security stack and create richer digital experiences for both IT teams and employees,” said Nayaki Nayyar, President and Chief Product Officer at Ivanti. “These products feature advanced AI capabilities and push the boundaries of innovation, while addressing the top challenges facing organisations around the world. With these solutions, customers can augment their IT and security operations with contextual insights and intelligent automation and proactively provide better digital experiences and business outcomes.”

Please visit the Ivanti Neurons product page to learn more.