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Johor Plantations Leverages Maxis SD-WAN for Full  Connectivity Across Its Operations


Johor Plantations Berhad has connected its entire network of operations with Maxis’ solutions. This is being enabled by Maxis’ SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) for fast, secure and stable connectivity throughout its estates, mills, biogas plants, biomethane plant and agrotech lab, spanning across 60,339 hectares.

A Milestone Partnership

The milestone stems from Johor Plantations’ partnership with Maxis, Malaysia’s leading integrated telco, in which Maxis designed and deployed infrastructure of over 27 microwave dishes and communications towers across Johor Plantation’s operating units to support a range of capabilities, especially Maxis’ high-speed Dedicated Internet Access for cloud connectivity. This infrastructure will assist Johor Plantations in many facets, including improving palm oil crop management, worker resource planning and environmental management monitoring. In addition, Maxis’ Managed SD-WAN also now connects an additional 11 sites across Johor Plantation’s network, for a secured environment and better accessibility.

“This partnership has been timely and we are pleased to have an industry leader such as Maxis on board to assist us in attaining a higher level of interconnectedness and stable communications that have been identified as a critical core to our operations in the short and long term. High-speed connectivity is critical for our business growth and advancement, and we look forward to reaping the benefits of a fully connected environment which will allow for better communication and integration of our operations,” said Mohd Faris Adli Shukery, Managing Director at Johor Plantations.

“We are pleased to support Johor Plantations in line with their digital ambitions. Our wide range of scalable connectivity solutions enabled by best-in-class technologies will ensure their business and workforce stay connected at all times. Our partnership demonstrates the magnitude in which we are able to fully address the telecommunication needs of large-scale operations with a wide coverage area,” said Claire Featherstone, Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Maxis.

Central to Digital Transformation

The partnership is in line with Johor Plantations’ wider digital transformation journey that will leverage digitalisation to enhance efficiencies and generate greater productivity throughout its organisation. With a robust infrastructure now in place, Johor Plantations will continue to explore more digitalisation projects to transform its business, including a fully digital and mobile plantation management system and digital traceability using blockchain technology.

“When it comes to digital transformation, we can no longer adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. There is a need to forge ahead with innovations to keep pace with market demands and this partnership represents a key initiative that aligns with our digital aspirations as an integrated plantation company,” added Mohd Faris.