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Weekly Picks: Just What We Need. Another Desktop as a Service Solution – NOT!
May 24, 2022 Blog


Written by: Andrew Martin, Group Publisher, AOPG.

Spot by NetApp Delivers Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service Solution

Just what we need. Another cloud desktop solution. Whilst Desktop-as-a-Service has become more prevalent in recent times, it is far from ubiquitous, and the major cloud providers have it covered. So why has NetApp (or Spot by Netapp) entered the fray?

Sometimes it is worth looking back and holding a company to what they say. I looked at the press releases at the time NetApp acquired Spot. It was all about giving them multi-cloud analytics to help drive down costs and improve compute and storage efficiency on the public cloud.

It’s tough to see where Desktop-as-a-Service comes in, perhaps it’s just looking for more revenue options but it’s a small market that is (in my opinion) already overserved. That said, if you are considering Desktop-as-a-Service – take a look!


Singapore IT Leaders Wrestling With Cloud Transformation Talent Shortages

This headline comes from some research commissioned by Rackspace but then “they would say that, wouldn’t they?”

It’s not surprising that a company that makes its money by selling skills and experience to help you with your cloud migration and management produces research that confirms their target market has a shortage in skills on the cloud!

Not wanting to be too harsh, if we ignore the headline and look at some of the findings, they are interesting, and you can see actual details on how businesses are seeing an impact from their cloud investments. You can catch some of the significant stats here


VMWare Vulnerabilities’ Alert Sparks Spike in Attack Attempts – Barracuda Networks

I am a retained consultant for Barracuda Networks and am totally proud that they spotted this VMware vulnerability. It’s a reminder that Barracuda and all the top security companies are unique in the tech sector. They don’t only sell security solutions; they also discover and share threat information for the greater good. I know Tushar (quoted in this article), and it’s due to smart guys like him that we can all rest a little safer knowing our security posture is strengthened.

In terms of this specific advisory, it’s simple, if you use VMware check out the advisory and make sure you sure up this vulnerability.


Top Low Code or No Code Platforms to Explore

AOPG journalist Zul (unfortunately down with Covid this week) put together this quick-fire round-up of some of the most popular low/no code development tools available in the market.

I always feel one of the jobs of a tech journalist is to research, so our readers don’t have to, and round up articles are a great time saver.

If you are starting to look into low/no code or are just interested in getting informed at a high level, this article gives you a 1000 foot overview of five of the most popular tools.