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K11 ATELIER King’s Road Presents the Creator Hub Concept and Entrepreneurial Incubation Lab Named “Project ALPHA”
January 20, 2022 News


K11 ATELIER King’s Road is pleased to announce the launch of Project ALPHA, the industry’s first Creator Hub Concept and Entrepreneurial Incubation Lab with a 16-week incubation and community programme for Creators of the FUTURE. The programme strives to connect creators from all walks of life from Web 3.0 and future industries, and empowers them to be Metaverse-ready with an industry-leading network, learning opportunities and resources to create business and social impact.

Leveraging collaborative support and resources from New World Ecosystem and K11 Group, Project ALPHA is a win-win initiative that brings together tenants of K11 ATELIER King’s Road, aspiring startups, growth-driven corporations and the community, with the aim to advance the development of the creator economy in the Metaverse and create an impact in the business and social spaces. The next generation will be the project’s focus, nourishing and providing them with the platform, space and opportunities to create unique brands and products while building values of sharing to grow together in society.

The project is designed to aid Hong Kong’s shift in focus from financial and tertiary services to developing a “creator economy” in the Metaverse by placing greater emphasis on innovation, particularly in the aspects of pharmaceutical development, life sciences and the Metaverse. Given that post-millennials will be aged 19 to 50 by 2047, representing 5 million of the population, they are expected to constitute a major pillar in Hong Kong’s development and act as a driving force in the city’s consumption market.

Recently, participants of Project ALPHA and members of the tenant community at K11 ATELIER King’s Road gathered virtually at the inaugural launch of Project ALPHA with The Sandbox’s parent company Animoca Brands, Green NFT platform Articoin, and integrated NFT cultural and art tech platform BlueArk coming together to endorse this special journey of transformation and innovation.

Lokie Tam, Business Manager at Animoca Brands, said, “The true Metaverse can only be open as a decentralised network of systems and environments governed by the community and connected by true digital property rights and interoperability. In 2022, driven by blockchain and NFT gaming, hundreds of millions of users will enter the open Metaverse”.

Peggy Cheung, Co-Founder of Articoin, added, “Articoin is combining art and tech to support the exponential NFT growth market in the world. To achieve 2050 Carbon Net Zero, we are empowering over 10,000 artists in Asia to embed Carbon Credits into their NFTs and distribute via a Carbon-Zero Contract”.

Peter Lin, CEO at BlueArk, said, “We will build an exclusive ‘BRK AI’ system to recreate ‘artistic value’ in users’ NFT works, so that NFT will not be limited to just storage and trading. For example, in music, BRK will create a powerful AI system to help users create new music. It will not only create single or multiple NFT music works but also provide optimisation and scoring systems to make their NFT music works more competitive and professional in commercial value. In addition, we will be partnering with The Sandbox to develop the land of BRK, the first clubbing Metaverse hub in Asia, followed by various entertainment activities with socialising venues, wrestling games, weekly NFT exhibitions, virtual concept shops and more”.

Lin added: “How vast and huge is the human imagination, and how vast and boundless is the world! We are now embarking upon the seas in our ark full of hope. I hope that BlueArk rides the waves of opportunity into a creator economy, carrying infinite possibilities of the imagination to lead all people into the Metaverse, so we can build an ideal common world together”.

Following the launch, participants of Project ALPHA and members of the tenant community are encouraged to take advantage of the array of inspirations in innovation as they forge into the creator economy and realise their growth aspirations:

  • Intensive accelerator programm. Bi-monthly forums with topics around the new economy such as NFT, crypto, fintech, healthtech, AI, blockchain, gaming, Metaverse, and more, with opportunities for networking, business execution and brand exposure
  • Multi-disciplinary hub. Opportunities to connect with K11 properties, the office community and the wider New World Ecosystem, and showcase the participants’ expertise and technology for knowledge exchange and business interactions
  • Networking and business referral. Regular meet-ups with industry leaders, and idea sharing with like-minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm go-to-market strategies; year-round business referral and integrated support within the New World Ecosystem, incubator Eureka Nova and accelerator Impact Kommons
  • Pilot and commercialisation. Integration with K11 ATELIER ACADEMY and its partners to showcase unique insights and communicate with a wider target audience, including tenants; sponsorship of O2O venues and experiential journey for amplification

Pioneering the future of office culture, K11 ATELIER King’s Road plays a pivotal role to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange among different traditional and new businesses including healthtech Prenetics, FinTech WeLab, eco-friendly L’OCCITANE Group and other big names from the family office, and curates a collaborative environment among a dynamic, close-knit community of high-profile tenants with a mission to “Build Values of Sharing”. The extraordinary workplace experience and its complete ecosystem attracts and pulls together innovative disruptors, absolute achievers, forward thinkers and leaders of tomorrow, to spark creativity and exchange ideas for business success and sustainable growth, showcasing “The Business Hub of the Future” that embraces and fully supports new economies.

Tenants of K11 ATELIER King’s Road are also encouraged to sign a Creating Shared Value Lease (CSV Lease), an industry-first tenant engagement initiative recently launched by New World Development across K11 ATELIER King’s Road, K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside and K11 ATELIER 11 SKIES, to promote and drive sustainability among their tenants and employees.

K11 ATELIER King’s Road offers intuitive access to a network of opportunities with high-calibre partners as neighbours, sharing cross-industry know-how and paving the way for business alliances.