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Kofax Launches All-New Marketplace, Extending the Power of the Kofax Platform and Accelerating Its Partner Ecosystem 


Kofax, an industry leader in intelligent automation (IA) platforms, announced the official relaunch of the Kofax Marketplace. It is a digital hub of apps, connectors tools and templates for advanced integration of leading business and automation software. The Marketplace features high-quality assets created independently by Kofax partners, consultants and engineers. These are designed to empower any enterprise to accelerate automation initiatives and achieve ROI faster.

“The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform is a powerful and fully featured suite of tools designed to equip business users with the opportunity to reshape their work. Today, a major concern for our customers is the pressing need to maximize ROI on any investment in automation technology,” said Bill Mariani, VP of Ecosystem at Kofax. “The Kofax Marketplace provides the ideal location to access in-depth learning opportunities and ready-made assets that connect easily and seamlessly with existing investments in key platform elements such as Kofax TotalAgility, RPA and more.”

The App Store of Businesses

Like today’s popular app stores, the Kofax Marketplace centralises purpose-built solutions for Kofax products and innovative solutions to common automation challenges. Users can:

  • Discover prebuilt solutions for your business problems .
  • Save more time on application development and skip bottlenecks requiring extensive custom programming.
  • Find creative and innovative solutions to your needs and see how others think outside the box.
  • Scale faster and achieve key automation milestones in less time.
  • Accelerate and improve ROI by extending the reach and value of your Kofax investment.

Updates to the redesigned Marketplace include an improved search feature and new landing pages. These updates will help users quickly find key solutions for a specific industry or new product. A new carousel feature will also help customers quickly see popular and relevant solutions for various categories.

The Kofax Marketplace contains over 60 free and 140 paid assets that include:

  • Connectors for Kofax software to third-party platforms from Salesforce to ChatGPT
  • Pre-built robots to automate processes
  • Scripts, code, and automation frameworks
  • Templates, dashboards, best practice guides and more

To learn more about the Kofax Marketplace and explore ready-made solutions you can deploy today, visit