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Korea Deep Learning Launches AI-Powered 3D Asset Marketplace Polyground


Korea Deep Learning Inc, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) text and image solutions, has launched Polyground, its state-of-the-art online marketplace for photorealistic 3D assets.

Powered by AI and offering a simplified, concept-driven experience, this innovative platform is set to revolutionise the way creators and industry professionals collaborate, discover, access, and trade 3D assets, while also fostering a worldwide community of 3D and metaverse creators.

Across industries, consumer expectations are driving 3D content and metaverse experiences to become increasingly life-like, meaning that content creators like 3D modellers, artists, and visual effects (VFX) studios need simplified ways of finding and acquiring top-quality 3D assets. Filling this gap, Polyground offers a marketplace for creators all over the world to seamlessly collaborate and trade assets, while organising assets into intuitive, concept-specific showrooms that are easily searched and incorporated into creative workflows.

By delivering in these areas, the platform is increasing worldwide accessibility to photorealistic 3D assets for the metaverse and for industries such as gaming, film-making, and architecture.

More Than a Marketplace

“Polyground is more than just a marketplace; it’s a vibrant community full of artistic collaboration and innovation,” noted Jihyun Kim, CEO at Korea Deep Learning Inc. “We believe that technology, specifically AI, has tremendous potential to solve problems, and Polyground is doing just that for 3D creators by fostering creativity and artistic synergies while streamlining the creative process with readily available, photorealistic 3D assets.”

Officially launched in late November 2023, Polyground is accessible globally, allowing companies, studios, and individual creators to upload, sell, and acquire photorealistic assets with ease.

To continuously enrich its offerings, the platform also leverages Korea Deep Learning’s AI-powered 3D DX technology to create and add 2,000 photorealistic 3D assets monthly, ensuring a constant flow of novel and innovative content to supplement member-traded content.

Join the Polyground marketplace at and get eight assets for free.