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LampSite X to Unleash Indoor Digital Potential
October 16, 2023 News


Written by: Izzat Najmi Abdullah, Journalist, AOPG.

Another groundbreaking moment highlighted Day 2 of the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023.

Yang Chaobin, Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions at Huawei, unveiled Huawei’s latest innovative and transformative solution—LampSite X. This revolutionary product represents the dawn of the 5.5G era, epitomising the marriage of technology and ingenuity to catalyse a new era of indoor digitalisation that promises to redefine the landscape of operator services.

“LampSite X brings unrivalled 5.5G capabilities indoors for the first time to comprehensively upgrade indoor digitalisation,” said Yang. “Featuring the leanest design, simplest deployment, and lowest energy consumption, the solution achieves a remarkable 10 Gbps experience and offers diverse capabilities, meeting consumer demands for a more premium indoor experience and realising more powerful digital productivity across various industries.”

Universal Accord on Indoor Digitalisation in the Industry

The current telecommunications landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the exponential growth of 5G technology, which has spurred a dramatic surge in mobile traffic. Astoundingly, approximately 80% of this traffic is generated indoors. In settings characterised by high-density foot traffic, such as bustling shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and stadiums, the traffic density at hotspots can be more than 100 times the average density. It goes without saying that a revolution in indoor capabilities is imperative to meet these surging demands and serve various industries in the era of digitalisation.

Indoor digitalisation has transcended from being a mere concept to a universal consensus in the 5G and 5.5G eras. And yet it is widely acknowledged across industries that indoor digitalisation presents a host of challenges.

Firstly, the integration and coordination of all frequency bands to achieve simplified design and deployment is crucial. Secondly, dynamic energy-saving mechanisms, contingent upon traffic load, are essential for operators to reduce energy costs. Lastly, the digitalisation of industries necessitates the development of multifaceted capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of various scenarios.

Setting a New Digital Standard

LampSite X is, thus, the beacon of realising the true potential of indoor digitalisation. It can be as compact as 1 litre in volume and weigh a mere 1 kilogram, marking it as the smallest and lightest in the industry. This exceptional feature allows for flexible and effortless deployment in any conceivable scenario.

Despite its diminutive size, the LampSite X offers unparalleled capabilities, supporting all frequency bands, Radio Access Technologies (RATs), and wideband networking, thereby delivering ultra-high performance, diverse functionalities, and remarkably low energy consumption.

Distinguished as the sole product in the industry that seamlessly integrates mmWave and sub-6 GHz technologies, LampSite X attains a peak throughput exceeding 10 Gbps, bringing 5.5G 10 Gbps indoors. In addition, it leverages Huawei’s unique Distributed Massive MIMO technology, ensuring a consistently remarkable 10 Gbps single-user experience throughout the indoor landscape while concurrently providing a 10 Gbps multi-user experience.

To meet the connectivity requirements of various industries effectively, LampSite X offers an array of capabilities, including 10 Gbps ultra-high uplink, high-precision positioning with submetre accuracy, low latency reaching milliseconds, and IoT integration. The product utilises Huawei’s proprietary “0 Bit 0 Watt” solution, allowing for service-based power adjustment, an ultra-low power consumption of less than 1 watt during off-peak hours, and instant on-demand activation within seconds.

This perpetual dynamic energy-saving mechanism maximises energy efficiency around the clock while unleashing 5.5G indoors.

Expanding Consumer and Industry Applications

LampSite X is also the fulcrum for a comprehensive upgrade of digital indoor capabilities, catering to an array of 5.5G applications for both consumers and industries alike.

In the consumer space, LampSite X’s capabilities promise an elevated consumer experience and usher in innovative business models. For instance, in the bustling 10 Gbps business districts of Hong Kong, supported by Hong Kong Telecom, these capabilities have already augmented traffic by more than 20%, spurring the emergence of new ToB and ToC business paradigms. This transformation propels operators from being mere providers of network capabilities to purveyors of converged services.

An example of the digital indoor capabilities.

In industrial scenarios, LampSite X’s multidimensional digital indoor capabilities usher in unparalleled efficiency, especially in fully connected factories. Midea’s smart factories serve as a testament to this, where these capabilities have improved the efficiency of multiple processes, spanning production, quality inspection, logistics, and warehousing. The result is astonishing, with products being produced in just seven seconds, effectively halving production time.

Yang aptly concluded his presentation by emphasising how LampSite X “opens up many new digital opportunities,” to “go beyond outdoors and upgrade indoor digitalisation” to support operators looking to develop diverse business applications in the digital era.

LampSite X opens up that possibility, paving the way for a brighter, more connected future regardless of location.