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Leading the Future of Business Modules with Cryptocurrency with Taylor’s University and Bloomberg
June 14, 2022 News


Taylor’s University’s School of Accounting and Finance (SOAF) has incorporated the cryptocurrency monitor dashboard and related Bloomberg Intelligence research available on the Bloomberg Terminal into its Bachelor in Accounting (FinTech) programme, providing students first-hand experience of the FinTech and cryptocurrency market.

This follows Taylor’s Business School’s partnership with Bloomberg since 2019 that has enabled the School to integrate the Bloomberg Terminal, a market data and analytics solution that helps investors navigate the world of global finance. The Bloomberg Terminal will now introduce functions such as the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which analyses the performance of cryptocurrencies, and the Solactive Fintech Index, which tracks the performance of FinTech companies. These tools, utilised by financial analysts, allow students to gain experience and remain updated about the evolving FinTech and cryptocurrency market.

The Bloomberg Terminal is core to Taylor University’s Trading Room, which provides students with simulations on market analysis, trading and investments. Built to be one of the largest university-based financial labs in Malaysia, its value for students pursuing their degrees in account and finance is unparalleled.

By incorporating the study and analysis of cryptocurrency and FinTech into its curriculum, Taylor’s hopes to successfully bridge the gap between theory and practise for its students through innovations in its curriculum and its partnership with Bloomberg.

“This partnership has given our students a valuable opportunity to be able to dive into the world of accounting and finance. Being one of the universities in Malaysia to incorporate the Bloomberg Terminal into the core of our courses, this gives our graduates the leading edge in a very competitive job market. The Bloomberg Terminal and its rich cryptocurrency and financial analysis tools have ensured that our students remain ahead of the curve and receive the most relevant education possible in the industry,” said Associate Professor Dr. Nor Shaipah Binti Abdul Wahab, Head of School of Accounting and Finance at Taylor’s University.

Associate Professor Dr. Nor Shaipah noted that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, a decentralised and secure form of currency, is addressing the pain points of traditional finance. As of 2021, it is estimated that there are around 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, with more than 18,000 businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments. The world’s largest banks and financial institutions are also digging into the cryptocurrency pie, pushing 3 billion dollars in funding into cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

“We are incredibly excited to have provided students at Taylor’s the opportunity to experience one of our latest analytics tools currently used by C-suites and financial institutions globally. Taylor’s SOAF has gone above and beyond to integrate the Bloomberg Terminal into the core of its innovative modules, making it a key feature of its programme. We are confident that with the new enhancements to its modules, fresh graduates will gain an advantage when they enter the competitive job market,” said Steven Yankelson, ASEAN Head at Bloomberg.

With the integration of the Bloomberg Terminal, Taylor’s University is among the first in Malaysia to be named a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner. Aside from FinTech and cryptocurrency, the Bloomberg Terminal is also a key feature in other modules such as portfolio management, corporate finance and investment management.

Students who complete their courses with the Bloomberg Terminal will receive the Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate, which is also a prerequisite to graduation. This ensures that Taylor’s graduates are up-to-date and industry ready, providing an ideal talent pool from which employers can draw from.