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LG CLOi Servebot, New AI-Powered Innovation, Set to Deliver Safe Delivery Services in Hospitality, Healthcare
July 5, 2024 News


LG Electronics (LG) is launching its latest LG CLOi ServeBot (model LDLIM31), an autonomous, door-type service robot designed to provide safe delivery services in hospitality and healthcare settings. Featuring a four-door design with ample interior storage space, the LG CLOi ServeBot can perform simple and repetitive delivery tasks to reduce the burden on busy staff.

This introduction further strengthens LG’s portfolio of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots and robot control solutions, aligning with the company’s plans to accelerate the expansion of its B2B business, particularly in the delivery and logistics services sector. The CLOi ServeBot was first released in South Korea, with upcoming launches scheduled in key markets across North America and Asia. For more details, please visit

The door-type LG CLOi ServeBot has gained international recognition for its innovative and convenient design, earning honours at the Red Dot Design Award 2024 and the iF Design Award 2024.

Boasting four internal compartments, each capable of holding items weighing up to 30kg, this new model is able to make multiple deliveries or collections. Its generous and secure cargo space can comfortably accommodate as many as 32 standard-sized coffee cups, while its shelving can be easily adjusted according to item or load size.

LG CLOi ServeBot: Designed for Healthcare and Hospitality

Tailored for indoor hospitality and healthcare environments, the LG CLOi ServeBot is capable of utilising elevators to move between floors. Its six wheels, each with independent suspension, provide excellent stability, enabling the LG CLOi ServeBot to transport beverages over uneven surfaces without any significant spillage.

LG CLOi Servebot

For added user convenience, the CLOi ServeBot’s doors can be set to open or close automatically during operation. The LG CLOi ServeBot can even tell when a delivery has been completed, as camera sensors built into its internal compartments detect when items have been removed.

Thanks to an AI algorithm, the new model can safely navigate around obstacles, determine the optimal route to its destination(s), and communicate with up to 20 other CLOi ServeBots to maximize task efficiency and avoid potential collisions.

A front-facing 10.1-inch display on the LG CLOi ServeBot functions as a mobile advertising platform, with content easily uploaded via the LG CLOi Station (accessible through mobile or web) or the CMS mobile app.

Furthermore, LG’s latest CLOi solution can escort customers to a given destination and provide voice guidance for visually impaired users. Additionally, users can monitor the robot’s status in real-time using the LG CLOi Station, which also offers convenient paging and scheduling functions.

LG CLOi Servebot“LG’s latest service robot employs advanced platform technologies covering AI, communications, and control, to help streamline operations in hospitality and healthcare settings,” said Roh Kyu-chan, Vice President and Head of the Robot Business Division at LG Business Solutions Company. “Leveraging our capabilities and expertise in robot solutions, we will continue to deliver innovative LG CLOi ServeBot models to meet the specific needs of diverse sectors.”

With years of robotics industry experience, LG continues to provide versatile robot solutions for various environments, including airports, hotels, hospitals, and warehouses. The company is now developing a comprehensive suite of solutions to efficiently manage the entire distribution process, from supplying robots to facilitating the last-mile delivery of ordered products.