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M1 Launches Next-Gen Multi-Access Edge Computing Solution


M1 Limited (M1), one of Singapore’s leading mobile network operators, has announced the commercial launch of Pinnacle, a multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform designed to help businesses embrace new digital capabilities, such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), live video analytics and industrial IoT (Internet of Things).

Powered by M1’s purpose-built 5G SA network and ST Engineering’s AGIL Edge Platform for 5G, Pinnacle can handle real-time data processing and service management to deliver high levels of service performance in a cost-effective and efficient manner. By bringing computation and storage closer to the edge of the network, Pinnacle can deploy and manage mission-critical applications, reducing latency, bandwidth consumption and network congestion.

In addition to providing 5G connectivity, scalable industry solutions hosted within Pinnacle allows M1 to tap into new revenue streams. M1 will take the complexity out of digital transformation by managing the end-to-end servicing of Pinnacle and delivering enhanced value to its customers. This includes reviewing customers’ existing infrastructure, incorporating Pinnacle alongside other technologies and applications and ensuring that the MEC solution aligns with their business objectives. 

Optimising Business Operations and Reducing OpEX

Republic Polytechnic’s School of Engineering, together with a handful of enterprises, is amongst Pinnacle’s early adopters and aims to support the logistics sector by harnessing edge computing to help optimise business operations and reduce operating expenses through real-time monitoring and control of critical and time-sensitive materials, including the use of camera-mounted drones. In addition, the polytechnic seeks to leverage Pinnacle for robotics and augmented reality to enrich students’ learning experiences and embrace emerging trends.

“The time is now right to embrace 5G and edge computing. Pinnacle solutions aim to optimise infrastructure and streamline data usage with faster speeds and better performance of 5G. The sum of these technologies are more than its parts and together. It creates a next-gen solution platform that is truly empowering for enterprises, opening new avenues of business opportunities for a more intelligent and connected society,” said Manjot Singh Mann, Chief Executive Officer at M1.

“This new 5G Mobile Edge Computing platform plays a critical role in paving the way for enterprise digital transformation, and we are glad to partner M1 in its advancement towards enabling enterprises in their adoption of 5G and edge applications,” added Sebastian Tan, GM Advanced Connectivity and Head Enterprise Communications at ST Engineering.