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Making AI Smarter (and Significantly Faster) With Edge AI
July 10, 2024 News AI Gcore

Written by: Izzat Najmi Abdullah, Tech Journalist, AOPG.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniable, but realising this potential hinges on the quality and quantity of data used to train AI models. These models, which are constantly learning and evolving, require vast amounts of high-quality data to improve their ability to recognise patterns, make predictions, and perform their intended functions effectively. This continuous learning process is essential for maintaining the effectiveness of AI in various aspects of our lives.

However, a significant challenge remains; AI latency. Modern AI systems often rely on centralised cloud data centres, leading to delays between data collection and analysis. This latency can be detrimental to real-time applications, hindering innovation and diminishing user experience.

Addressing this challenge, Gcore, a company known for its innovations in edge AI, cloud, network, and security solutions, introduces the Gcore Edge AI platform. This solution ushers in a new era of edge computing, where AI processing power resides closer to the source of data – at the “edge” of the network. This shift eliminates the latency associated with centralised cloud data centres, enabling faster and more efficient AI operations.

Fabrice Moizan, Chief Revenue Officer at Gcore said that self-driving cars can now make split-second decisions based on real-time sensor data, and medical devices can provide instant diagnoses from on-site analysis.

“When you process information through a traditional cloud-based system, data travels long distances. This journey creates a bottleneck, introducing latency – the time it takes for data to be transferred and analysed. For applications demanding immediate response, like self-driving cars or real-time medical diagnostics, this delay can be catastrophic. Edge AI tackles this challenge head-on by processing data closer to where it’s generated, at the “edge” of the network. This approach not only enhances performance by minimising latency but also improves data privacy and reduces the risk of transmission delays and security vulnerabilities that plague cloud-based processing,” Fabrice said during a recent media briefing.


Fabrice Moizan, Chief Revenue Officer at Gcore

With the Gcore Edge AI platform, the future of AI looks somewhat promising, as it can enable real-time, seamless AI model deployment and inference at the network’s edge. This development, in fact, represents a significant leap in AI technology, offering a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution for real-time inference across various industries.

Gcore Inference at the Edge

Gcore Edge AI tackles latency head-on with its core technology – Gcore Inference at the Edge. This solution leverages a globally distributed network of high-performance edge nodes. These nodes, strategically positioned near user locations, boast cutting-edge NVIDIA L40S GPUs specifically designed for AI workloads. Below is how Gcore Inference at the Edge delivers lightning-fast processing:

  • Ultra-Low Latency: When a request is made, the system intelligently identifies the closest edge node, ensuring a response time typically under 30 milliseconds. This eliminates the delays associated with cloud-based processing.
  • Smart Routing: Gcore’s sophisticated network routing technology ensures data packets take the most efficient paths, further minimising latency and optimising bandwidth utilisation.
  • Scalability for the Future: The edge network can be easily scaled to accommodate growing processing demands. As AI applications become more complex, Gcore Edge AI can adapt seamlessly.

The Edge of Innovation: Industries Revolutionised by AI

Gcore Edge AI also presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses across diverse sectors:

  • Manufacturing: Real-time anomaly detection in production lines can prevent equipment failures and optimise maintenance schedules.
  • Healthcare: On-site analysis of medical images and patient data can lead to faster diagnoses and more effective treatments.
  • Retail: Personalised recommendations based on real-time customer behaviour analysis can significantly enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.
  • Automotive: Self-driving cars and advanced driver-assistance systems require lightning-fast decision-making, which Gcore Edge AI can deliver.

The Future is Intelligent, and It’s at the Edge

The rise of edge AI marks a paradigm shift in the way we interact with AI. Gcore Edge AI empowers businesses to unlock the true potential of AI, enabling real-time decision-making, enhanced user experiences, and unparalleled security. With its comprehensive toolkit, global infrastructure, and commitment to user success, Gcore positions itself as a leader in the future of edge AI. As AI continues to evolve, Gcore Edge AI will be aiming to push the boundaries of what’s possible and try to shape the intelligent world of tomorrow.

As Andre Reitenbach, CEO of Gcore, emphasised during the media lunch session, the transformative potential of this solution is clear. He stated:


“Gcore Inference at the Edge empowers customers to focus on training their machine learning models without worrying about deployment costs, skills, or infrastructure. We believe the edge is where the best performance and user experiences are achieved, and we are committed to continuous innovation to deliver unparalleled scale and performance.”