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Malaysia Prime Minister Launches Huawei’s Customer Solution Innovation Centre
November 25, 2021 News


The newly refurbished and upgraded Huawei Customer Solution Innovation Centre (CSIC) was officially launched by Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Bin Yaakob as part of the celebrations to commemorate the global ICT giant’s 20th anniversary in Malaysia.

The state-of-the art technology and solutions displayed in Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd’s (Huawei Malaysia) CSIC aim to assist the nation in becoming the ASEAN Digital Hub. Huawei’s CSIC was designed as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub and Centre of Excellence to drive the industry’s open ecosystem and accelerate digital economy transformation in Malaysia.

The CSIC, located in Integra Tower at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, aggregates the company’s over 120 reference applications and services globally. Huawei’s customers and partners are able to leverage this innovative platform to design and test technology solutions, verify new business models, and nurture innovation applications and services to both the public and private sectors.

Present during the ceremony was Michael Yuan, Chief Executive Officer at Huawei Malaysia. Delivering the keynote address during the launch, Ismail Sabri said the CSIC is a testament to Huawei Malaysia’s commitment to the nation’s digital transformation.

“Thank you Huawei for accelerating digital transformation and strengthening the development of Malaysia’s innovative platforms since 20 years ago. For that, I would like to wish Huawei a Happy 20th Anniversary! We will always appreciate and value your contribution towards the nation’s digital talent development” said Ismail Sabri. “I was informed that most of Huawei Malaysia’s employees are local. Talents are a crucial part in accelerating digital transformation for the nation”.

The Prime Minister added that he believes that Malaysia has the capacity and capability to achieve 100% digital inclusivity, especially among the vulnerable communities.

“I am proud to say, in embracing the concept of Keluarga Malaysia, Huawei has taken an important role in helping the Government address this matter. I hope more corporations will come forward to follow in your footsteps”, he said.

Yuan, meanwhile, said that through the CSIC, they would continue to bring global experiences to serve the needs of the ICT industry in Malaysia and to assist local stakeholders in succeeding in their businesses.

“This centre will act as a catalyst to accelerate Malaysia’s digital transformation and to capitalise on the potential of advanced technologies and assist in driving investments in the digital economy for the nation at the same time”, Yuan added.

He pointed out, “It is our belief that a better-connected Malaysia will have a prosperous future. We are currently in a period where ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury, but a vital requirement for a country to achieve fully developed status. Therefore, we look forward to growing together with Malaysia, to playing an integral part in the nation’s technology-based economy and to building a better future for all Malaysians”.

Among the business-to-business solutions available and showcased at the CSIC were Huawei’s 5G solutions around the world, including those for Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles as well as Huawei’s Smart Education system, including hybrid learning, which increases participation and engagement between students and teachers, and allows for some students attending class in-person while others join virtually.

Cloud Computing was another highlight, where Huawei is working with Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) on their Alpha Edge, the only Malaysian-owned Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure and services to enterprises and government institutions that ensures data sovereignty.

Also showcased were Agro-tech systems with AI technology that could save time, monitor quality, as well as predict yield and output. This included the production of premium caviar in Malaysia using this technology.

The CSIC also displayed network infrastructure devices that utilise latest technological advances in 5G and telecommunications as well as Huawei’s RuralStar, which overcomes the technical challenges of connecting remote areas, bringing connectivity to hard-to-reach communities.