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Malaysia Set to Strengthent the Games Development Industry by Introducing Unreal Authorised Training Centres
January 13, 2023 News


The local games development industry is set to strengthen its talent landscape and capabilities with the introduction of Unreal Authorised Training Centres (UATC) in Malaysia.

UATC and Unreal Authorized Instructors (UAI) will help train the next generation of talents through courses in industries such as games, architecture, media and entertainment, automotive, training and simulation, as well as medical research.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with APlus, Epic Games’ education partner programmer deployment manager for the ASEAN region to develop and carry out collaborations in academic training activities for Unreal Engine (UE).

UE, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool, enables game developers and creators across industries to realise next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity and flexibility than ever before.

Epic Games, through APlus and together with MDEC, will be organising training projects and management programmes that include technical vocational skill training, skill standardisation and startup mentoring in the areas of games and Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Extended Reality (XR).

MDEC is proud to introduce the programme in Malaysia as it helps to hone existing talent and increase competitiveness in the digital content industry.

In addition to training and developing the local digital creative talent, this programme also provides new business opportunities in the digital creative content ecosystem.

Such efforts are aligned to the goals of Malaysia Digital (MD), which seeks to accelerate the digital adoption among the Rakyat and the creation of local entrepreneurs and global champions to increase contribution from the digital economy to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

According to the Burning Glass Technologies research in 2021, the need for real-time 3D skills continues to gain momentum, outpacing average IT technology skills by 50%, with over 30,000 new entry level roles added.

UE is widely favourable among game developers as it is an open-source software that utilises blueprints visual scripting language. This allows the software to be more accessible to the public as it aids for rapid prototyping without requiring advanced knowledge of programming language.

As the demand for real-time skills continues to grow in Malaysia, the introduction of the UATC will serve as an additional resource to bridge the tech talent gap and give local talents the opportunity to further hone their skills.