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Maxis eKelas Continues to Provide Opportunities for Academic Performance Improvement
September 28, 2022 News


Maxis’s flagship community programme, eKelas, is on a strong growth momentum with over 65,000 students now connecting through the eKelas portal. With eKelas being recognised under the Highly Immersive Programme by the Ministry of Education since 2019, Maxis has been able to bring more eKelas awareness to schools, having reached out to 1,200 schools for students to join and benefit from the programme.

As an after-school digital learning initiative for students from Year 4 to Form 5, Maxis eKelas brings learning enrichment in a fun and vibrant way and provides access to quality educational content, in line with the Malaysian School Syllabus. Focusing on Science, Mathematics and English, students are exposed to experiential learning through a combination of live tutorials, group learning, competitions, and digital content via the portal and app. eKelas provides a complete digital learning experience, including opportunities for students to take part in campaigns like HIP StoryFest as well as STEM competition for coding, creative and designing thinking skills, essay writing competitions.

Maxis eKelas’ popular Anugerah Gemilang, a student grant scheme, is back once again to motivate and inspire students to achieve their academic goals by rewarding those who have shown progress in their grades at school. Targeted to Form 1 to Form 5 students, Anugerah Gemilang will be rewarding cash grants for up to 100 students, based on strict evaluation criteria and assessment. To qualify for the award, students must achieve a minimum of one grade improvement in two or all three of the subjects taught in eKelas, which are English, Science and Mathematics. Eligible students can submit their final school exam results for the previous and current year, which entitles them to receive RM600 and RM1,200 for those improvements respectively, which will then be deposited into the students’ National Education Savings Scheme (Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional) accounts.

“We are proud to see the continued growth of eKelas over the years and Anugerah Gemilang is a popular and key highlight of the programme and a great incentive for students to do well in the three subjects. We have received encouraging response in submissions in the past, and we urge more students to register for eKelas now and take the first step by completing the assessment quizzes on the portal,” said Mariam Bevi Batcha, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Maxis.

As a pre-requisite, students must complete pre- and post-assessment quizzes on the eKelas portal from now to the 31st of December to qualify for the award. They will then need to submit their post-assessment results and applications for Anugerah Gemilang from the 1st of March until 30 April 2023.

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