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Navigate the Intricate Landscape of Digital Transformation With Okta
July 31, 2023 Blog


“Zero trust” is a really bad name for security if you think about it. It might bring to mind Orwellian visions of ubiquitous surveillance and a complete lack of faith in anything or anyone. However, in today’s world where cloud technology reigns supreme, it’s an essential pillar of a resilient cybersecurity strategy.

Imagine being an institution that’s been around for over a century, overseeing a sprawling network across the most diverse and populous continent on Earth – Asia. That’s exactly where AIA Group, the largest Pan-Asian insurance group, found itself. It was faced with the immense challenge of embracing zero trust as part of its radical digital transformation from a 100% on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

But the question that loomed large was: how to facilitate this transition while ensuring “bank-level security” for over 20,000 employees and uninterrupted operations? How to keep the frictionless flow of operations across varied geographies and cultures, all while safeguarding the sensitive data that forms the lifeblood of their operations?

The answer was found in a formidable identity platform – Okta Identity Cloud.

“We needed an identity platform at the height of our cloud ambitions. That’s when we discovered Okta Identity Cloud and unlocked a future of unlimited possibility,” shares Roger Elliott, Senior Manager, Identity and Access Management, AIA Group.

Asia is a land of complexities and contrasts. It’s home to 60% of the world’s population and is projected to contribute the same share to global growth by 2030. Amidst this rapidly evolving landscape, AIA identified a pressing need for a cloud solution that could offer boundless scale, agility, and resilience.

Now, armed with Okta’s robust and versatile tools like Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless authentication, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for added security layers, and Advanced Server Access for zero trust security, AIA blazes forward on its cloud transformation journey, the once-daunting concept of “zero trust” has metamorphosed into a powerful catalyst for innovation, propelling AIA into a future brimming with possibilities.

Okta, far from being a merely auxiliary solution, has emerged as the linchpin of AIA’s digital metamorphosis. This powerful identity platform didn’t just meet AIA’s ambitious cloud goals—it superseded them, empowering the group with a state-of-the-art security framework that remains unmatched in its ingenuity and agility.

Now, let’s turn the lens towards your organisation. Is your business ready to confront the challenges of digital transformation? Is it equipped to harness the power of “zero trust” and pivot it into a driving force for progress? If you’re contemplating a leap into the cloud, you need more than just an identity platform. You need a revolution and an accelerator for innovation because when it comes to navigating the intricate landscape of digital transformation, why settle for less when you can have the best?

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