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New Salesforce Research: Limited Understanding of AI Ethics and Safety Is Not Stopping Singaporean Workers from Using Generative AI at Work


Salesforce has announced results from the “Generative AI in Singapore” research, which revealed Singaporean workers’ use and sentiments towards generative artificial intelligence (AI) at work, including productivity, ethics and safety, promotion and progression, as well as employee attraction and retention.

According to the YouGov research, commissioned by Salesforce, Singaporean workers see benefits of using generative AI, particularly for productivity gains and career advancement opportunities. However, many are using generative AI at work with a limited understanding of AI ethics and safety, leading to questionable usage such as presenting AI’s work as their own, or using generative AI platforms that have been banned by their employers.

Key Insights

Among other things, the Salesforce study found that:

  • 93% of Singaporean workers already using and experimenting with generative AI believe that it makes them more productive at work. Close to half (49%) of Singaporean workers believe generative AI helps them to progress/ secure a promotion in their current organisation.
  • There is a imited understanding of AI ethics and safety is not stopping Singaporean workers from using generative AI at work. Businesses need to embrace the use of generative AI in a trusted manner, with trusted and secure technology, policies and guidelines, and training for employees.
  • Companies will also need to provide comprehensive policy and training on generative AI. Those that do, reap talent attraction and retention as well as productivity gains – which in turn drives business growth.

“We are witnessing the consumerisation of AI in the workplace as demand to use generative AI continues to grow. Rather than dismiss this and the potential benefits of generative AI, businesses should employ a strategy that’s grounded in trust to safeguard against the risks that come with any new technology. This starts with using trusted and secure platforms and applications, having clear guidelines and policies in place for use, and complementing this with training for workers to ethically, and safely use the technology,” said Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce ASEAN.

He added: “The rapid pace of AI innovation is revolutionising trust. Salesforce helps businesses embrace AI in a trusted manner – we keep trust at the forefront of every AI innovation, and provide trusted guidelines and capabilities that protect company and customer data.”