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New Study Shows APAC Organisations Investing More, Making Maturity Gains in AI
July 7, 2021 News


Today Dataiku, announced the release of their sponsored IDC InfoBrief on APAC AI maturity, which takes snapshots of AI adoption in Asia/Pacific, comparing strategies, capabilities and practices to accelerate value delivery. In particular, the IDC InfoBrief – Artificial Intelligence Practices That Deliver Results – reveals the impact of the global health crisis on technology investments and advancement across the region.

Underscoring the research is the finding that nearly twice as many companies have now started their AI journey in 2020 compared to 2019, and those that have already started are showing more AI maturity, experimenting less and executing more repeatedly in a more coordinated way. This growing maturity is further illustrated by the increasing importance of processes (e.g., AI governance, MLOps and more) that ensure systematic execution and continuous improvement of AI systems.

The development of AI in Asia Pacific is continuing to gather pace,” says Dr. Chris Marshall, Associate Vice President, Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at IDC Asia/Pacific and one of the authors of the InfoBrief. “We have moved from isolated AI pilots through centers of excellence and are rapidly progressing towards lo-code AI apps distributed across enterprise platforms.”

When it comes to technology, 43% of organisations investing in AI have implemented an enterprise platform to consolidate resources. While the research confirms that technology isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, with the roles of data, people and process varying along with organisations’ maturity, AI platforms can be an accelerator for businesses across all stages of AI growth.

“If there’s anything we can glean from this research it’s that organisations that are incorporating AI into their underlying business strategies are propelling themselves farther and farther ahead of the pack,” said Richard Jones, General Manager APAC at Dataiku. “Companies that want to keep pace in the next three to five years will need to start investing in and executing on AI, and the good news is many of the best practices for doing so are already in place for them to catch up.”