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Nokia, OPTAGE to Conduct Japan’s First Field Trial of Symmetrical 25G PON


Nokia has announced that OPTAGE Inc. will use the former’s fibre solution to conduct Japan’s first field trial of a symmetrical 25G Passive Optical Network (PON) service. Nokia’s 25G PON solution will provide OPTAGE customers with ultra-fast and reliable broadband services that are becoming essential for new applications such as the Metaverse, cloud gaming, and business services.

The trial paves the way for symmetrical 25G PON-based services OPTAGE plans to launch in FY2024 and commercial services hereafter. Nokia’s solution is based on the Quillion chipset, which enables service providers to use multiple PON technologies at the same time on the same fiber. This can help reduce operation costs and provide the added flexibility needed to simultaneously meet different customer needs.

Masahiko Nabe, President & Representative Director at OPTAGE Inc., said: “We are continuously looking for new technologies to enhance our services. This trial with Nokia [for Symmetrical 25G PON]  reiterates our commitment to provide the best possible experience to our subscribers. We are confident that once deployed, Nokia’s field-proven 25G PON solution will allow us to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable broadband symmetrical service in Japan.”

Tetsuo Kamoshita, Country Manager at Nokia Japan, added: “Our 25G PON solution allows service providers like OPTAGE to maximize the use of the existing fiber network to deliver ultra-fast broadband access. We are thrilled to support OPTAGE in conducting Japan and Asia Pacific’s first field trial of symmetrical 25G PON with live subscribers. Once deployed, OPTAGE will be able to quickly scale its fiber network to meet the growing capacity needs of its customers while ensuring exceptional network performance.”