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Nokia, Varnion to Enhance Superior Broadband Experience with Altiplano-Based PON Solutions
December 22, 2023 News broadband connectivity Nokia


Nokia has announced that Varnion Technology Semesta (Varnion), an Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on the hospitality industry, will use Nokia’s solution including Nokia Altiplano Access Controller, Lightspan MF, and Lightspan DF fibre platforms, to modernise its broadband network. Varnion is upgrading its local area network (LAN) infrastructure from switch-based to PON-based. This transformation will enable Varnion to leverage automation and network insights, offering improved management, flexibility, scalability and reliability.

As part of the three-year agreement, Nokia will supply its solution to transform the broadband experience for Varnion’s customers including more than 300 hotel chains, tourism centres, shopping malls and entertainment centres. Nokia’s solution will also be used to provide capacity for 200,000 homes passed in Jabodetabek, Java and Bali.

Future-Proofing the Network with Nokia

Nokia Altiplano Access Controller automates the network life-cycle management and enables service providers to easily manage the entire access network for greater operational efficiencies. Built upon the Nokia Quillion chipset, the Lightspan MF and DF fibre platforms are designed specifically for next-generation fiber-based broadband networks, enhancing capabilities and optimizing performance.

Alexander Budiman, CEO at Varnion Technology Semesta, said: “We decided to replace the existing solution with Nokia’s solution to futureproof our network infrastructure and to enhance the best-in-class broadband experience for our customers. Nokia’s Altiplano platform will empower us to delight our customers by delivering a more reliable and improved experience. We eagerly anticipate working with Nokia on this crucial project.”

Sang Xulei, Head of Network Infrastructure Reginal Business Center at Nokia Asia Pacific, added: “Our industry-leading solutions are helping ISPs, such as Varnion, in ensuring an enhanced end-user experience while future-proofing their networks. Quality fibre-based fixed broadband services are crucial as our reliance on broadband-based services continues to expand for both professional and personal tasks. We are excited to collaborate with Varnion for this initiative and look forward to forging a long-term partnership with them.”