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NVIDIA and Hugging Face to Connect Millions of Developers to Generative AI Supercomputing


NVIDIA and Hugging Face have announced a partnership that will put generative AI (artificial intelligence) supercomputing at the fingertips of millions of developers building large language models (LLMs) and other advanced AI applications.

By giving developers access to NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud AI supercomputing within the Hugging Face platform to train and tune advanced AI models, the combination will help supercharge industry adoption of generative AI using LLMs that are custom-tailored with business data for industry-specific applications, including intelligent chatbots, search, and summarisation.

“Researchers and developers are at the heart of generative AI that is transforming every industry,” said Jensen Huang, Founder of and CEO at NVIDIA. “Hugging Face and NVIDIA are connecting the world’s largest AI community with NVIDIA’s AI computing platform in the world’s leading clouds. Together, NVIDIA AI computing is just a click away for the Hugging Face community.”

Introducing as-a-Service Offering

As part of the collaboration, Hugging Face will offer a new service called Training Cluster as a Service to simplify the creation of new and custom generative AI models for the enterprise. Powered by NVIDIA DGX Cloud, the service will be available in the coming months.

“People around the world are making new connections and discoveries with generative AI tools, and we’re still only in the early days of this technology shift,” said Clément Delangue, Co-Founder of and CEO at Hugging Face. “Our collaboration will bring NVIDIA’s most advanced AI supercomputing to Hugging Face to enable companies to take their AI destiny into their own hands with open source to help the open-source community easily access the software and speed they need to contribute to what’s coming next.”

Supercharging LLM Customisation and Training within Hugging Face

The Hugging Face platform lets developers build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art AI models using open-source resources. Over 15,000 organisations use Hugging Face, and its community has shared over 250,000 models and 50,000 datasets. The DGX Cloud integration with Hugging Face will bring one-click access to NVIDIA’s multi-node AI supercomputing platform.

With DGX Cloud, Hugging Face users will be able to connect to NVIDIA AI supercomputing, providing the software and infrastructure needed to rapidly train and tune foundation models with unique data to drive a new wave of enterprise LLM development. With Training Cluster as a Service, powered by DGX Cloud, companies will be able to leverage their unique data for Hugging Face to create uniquely efficient models in record time.

DGX Cloud Speeds Development and Customisation for Massive Models Each instance of DGX Cloud features eight NVIDIA H100 or A100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs for a total of 640GB of GPU memory per node. NVIDIA Networking provides a high-performance, low-latency fabric that ensures workloads can scale across clusters of interconnected systems to meet the performance requirements of advanced AI workloads.

Support and Availability

Support from NVIDIA experts is included with DGX Cloud to help customers optimise their models and quickly resolve development challenges. DGX Cloud infrastructure is hosted by leading NVIDIA cloud service provider partners.

Availability The NVIDIA DGX Cloud integration with Hugging Face is expected to be available in the coming months. Watch Huang’s SIGGRAPH keynote address on-demand to learn more about NVIDIA DGX Cloud.