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OutSystems Expands its High-Performance Low-Code Platform with New Cloud-Native Development Solution
November 23, 2022 News


OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, has announced at its NextStep 2022 Software Innovation Conference its new cloud-native development solution OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC). ODC (formerly code-named “Project Neo”) is the high-performance low-code solution for building cloud-native applications. ODC sets a new standard in what is possible with low-code development, delivering the enterprise-grade capabilities required to build strategic, mission-critical applications.

ODC combines a state-of-the-art architecture based on Kubernetes, Linux containers, microservices and AWS native cloud services with DORA high performer-level CI/CD, enterprise-grade security and the unmatched productivity of visual, model-based development. ODC is the newest solution in the OutSystems High-Performance Low-Code Platform. The unified and powerful development system fulfills the broadest range of software development needs, including building mission-critical software. The Platform comprises OutSystems 11 (O11), OutSystems 11 Cloud (O11 Cloud) and ODC. It offers IT leaders and developers solutions based on their development goals and technology requirements, with a focus on building serious applications, achieving serious productivity and enabling a continuous innovation cycle for business growth, scale and competitiveness.

The OutSystems Platform has been the highest-ranked low-code platform by organisations around the world for many years. ODC further accelerates collaboration, experimentation and execution for IT teams building cloud-native applications—whether building for immediate projects or longer-term transformation initiatives that need apps to scale to hundreds of millions of users.

“Our new OutSystems Developer Cloud will be familiar to our existing customers and mind-blowing to those who have ever used traditional low-code or not left the traditional development lane,” said Gonçalo Gaiolas, Chief Product Officer at OutSystems. “Kubernetes, cloud-native and microservices are technologies that customers struggle mightily to master. It takes months to years and millions of dollars to implement a typical application platform—all before developers can even begin building their first application. With ODC, we’ve done all the hard work for customers so they can take advantage of these state-of-the-art technologies and begin writing their applications on day one.”

OutSystems Developer Cloud Introduction

With its new, state-of-the-art architecture, ODC delivers a broad array of benefits for customers building everything from customer-facing portals and internal line-of-business apps to core business systems:

  • World-Class Experiences. ODC enables customers to build beautiful, world-class, omnichannel experiences quickly and efficiently with pixel-perfect and brand-consistent UIs.
  • Cloud-Native Architecture. ODC supports massive user populations, transaction volumes and data requirements with an entirely new, state-of-the-art cloud-native architecture.
  • Enterprise-grade Security. ODC employs a secure-by-design approach, ensuring applications are secure from design time through to run time.
  • High-Performance Developer Productivity. ODC dramatically enhances developer productivity through advanced visual programming and the innovative application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-augmented development (AI Code Mentor).
  • High-Performer DevOps. Using advanced AI and automation across the entire software development lifecycle, ODC helps customers achieve High-Performer status (as defined by DORA) when it comes to their CI/CD practices.

OutSystems announced new AI advancements in the platform at NextStep today. Developers can try OutSystems with a free trial version and experience these capabilities directly by visiting the OutSystems page.