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OutSystems Spotlights its Vision for Generative AI and Customer Success at Singapore’s NextStep Exec
October 17, 2023 News


OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, last week held its NextStep Exec in Singapore, which was attended by customers across different industries in Asia-Pacific (APAC). The event included an exclusive look at new developments with the OutSystems platform. It also connected customers and industry leaders to foster collaboration and exchange of insights, including customer use cases, applications, and business cases that drive innovation and return on interest (ROI) through high-performance low-code.

The conference showcased a preview of what’s new and next with the OutSystems Platform including:

  • Project Morpheus updates: OutSystems’ newest AI roadmap has been updated to provide a comprehensive data fabric that enables customers to seamlessly access and integrate data from any source, regardless of location or format. This will help customers to build more intelligent and data-driven applications.
  • OutSystems Developer Cloud: New capabilities in observability and monitoring have been unveiled on the OutSystems cloud-native development platform. This will give customers greater visibility into their applications and help them to identify and resolve issues quickly.

OutSystems further shared key company milestones since its founding in 2001, highlighting efforts since 2018 to leverage AI for expert-level assistance across critical areas of the software development lifecycle. OutSystems also emphasized its commitment to build new systems of the future with extreme composability and agility at their core, empowering enterprises to innovate and effectively adapt to rapidly digitalising environments.

“In our decade-long presence in Singapore, we have witnessed robust market expansion and widespread adoption of low-code technology across APAC. The successes of our customers are what drives us to continue innovating and investing in our solutions,” said Paulo Rosado, Founder and CEO of OutSystems. “With AI remaining at the forefront of technology innovation, we are committed to leading the way in AI-driven application development and delivering remarkable improvements in code quality and overall development efficiency. We’ll continue to provide enterprise-grade capabilities for customers to achieve their business goals and create world-class mobile and web apps that drive customer satisfaction.”

At the conference, OutSystems customers such as Roche, City Development Limited, Dynamik Technologies, and Resolution Life Australia highlighted some of the most pressing issues for IT leaders today and how low-code empowered them to modernise legacy systems, build and manage their talent pool, and drive incremental productivity and operational efficiency.

NextStep Exec 2023 Singapore was a resounding success, showcasing the latest innovations from OutSystems and the power of high-performance low-code to help businesses innovate and achieve their business goals. OutSystems is committed to supporting its customers in their digital transformation journeys and helping them to create world-class applications that drive customer satisfaction.