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Paessler AG Acquires Swiss Technology Company ITPS AG


Paessler AG, a leading provider of IT, OT, and IoT monitoring solutions based in Nuremberg, Germany, has acquired the ITPS Group, with subsidiaries in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Romania as well as business activities in India. This strategic development comes in the run-up to IT-SA 2023 and marks another step in Paessler’s ambition to offer its customers a diversified range of individual features for any infrastructure and monitoring objective.

ITPS, known for its software products under the name CORP-IT, has established itself in the IT industry through innovative solutions. Based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, the company was founded by Thomas Wächter, an entrepreneur from Baden, Germany. Prior to this strategic development, ITPS was a valued Paessler Alliance Partner & Paessler Gold Partner for many years.

Enhancing ITPS Solutions

Three of the central solutions of ITPS, which are now being further developed and marketed under the Paessler umbrella brand under new product names, are:

  • PRTG SLA Reporter. Improved reporting capabilities for service level agreements (SLA), based on historical status data characterise this extension for PRTG. Customers benefit from the creation of granular SLA reports that can show uptime/downtime values as well as root causes for outages. Data is stored in an MS SQL database, which facilitates integration with third-party tools. Stakeholders can be easily and efficiently informed about SLA compliance, making it the ideal tool to extend the included PRTG reporting features or meet specific SLA reporting requirements.
  • PRTG Data Exporter. This extension is a desktop application that lets you work even better with metric monitoring data from PRTG and integrate it into a database management system. Customers can combine data from multiple PRTG servers into one database and make this data accessible to external tools. It supports MS SQL and MySQL and enables integration with tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Grafana. PRTG Data Exporter is the ideal complement for all users who want to connect their own analysis tools or who want to generate reports with their own reporting tools.
  • PRTG Database Observer. This product extension adds new database types, such as SAP HANA and IBM DB2, to the database monitoring capabilities of PRTG. It enables detailed monitoring of additional relational database systems and provides predefined SQL queries from database experts. Users can easily manage queries and test them in a dedicated Windows application. Monitoring critical database metrics helps ensure optimal performance and user experience at all times. Therefore, PRTG Database Observer is the ideal tool to keep an eye on values that are critical for business-relevant processes.

A Collaboration Based on Trust and Innovation

“Our collaboration with Paessler has always been characterised by mutual trust and innovation,” said Thomas Wächter, Founder of ITPS AG. “With this acquisition, we are looking confidently to a future in which we can jointly offer our customers even greater added value. It is a significant step that combines the strengths of both companies and concretises our vision for the future of monitoring.”

Starting in the fourth quarter of 2023, ITPS products will be sold under the Paessler brand, further diversifying Paessler’s product portfolio of IT, OT, and IoT monitoring solutions.

“By integrating ITPS’ advanced product enhancements and innovative technologies into our direct product portfolio, we can offer our customers an even more comprehensive network monitoring solution,” announced Helmut Binder, CEO at Paessler AG. “This step illustrates our commitment to being at the forefront of technological developments and to continuously increase the added value for our customers.”