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Paving the Way to the Future with Lao Telecommunication


Lao Telecommunication Public Company (LTC) is the largest telecommunications provider in the Lao PDR. It offers the widest coverage across the country with its pioneering efforts. It was the first to offer 3G services in the country. It was also the first to offer 4G and 4.5G services.

It then released 5G services in 202 to become the second company in Southeast Asia to offer 5G. It reinforced the company’s commitment to providing quality. This commitment is part of the reason LTC won Mobile Operator of the Year – Laos Award at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards.

The awards programme recognises the efforts of telco companies who have successfully navigated a changing market by delivering high-quality services and offerings. LTC’s willingness to adapt to the needs and requirements of its consumers distinguished them from its competitors.

Offering a Variety of Services to the Lao People

The company offers non-telco services such as the country’s first e-wallet app, M-Money. It is wholly owned by LCT subsidiary Lao Mobile Money Sole Company. This move shows the company’s initiative to provide the latest innovative services for its customers.

Alongside this success, LTC was also the first to develop a Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a Service Operations Centre (SOC) in Laos. These centres were both awarded an ISO certification—another first. The NOC and SOC help LTC ensure network integrity and uninterrupted connectivity for customers, especially when demand is at its highest.

Within the Lao PDR market, LTC and its wholly-owned subsidiary TPlus Digital Sole Company own a market share of 60% combined. The latter, in particular, caters to the more valued teen segment through innovative promotions and products. TPlus has had the Dortmund soccer team tie-ins and the Minions tie-in projects to further market their services towards the younger demographic.

Currently, LTC serves over 3.5 million mobile subscribers and operates 4,000 LTE cell sites, 700 LTE-A BTS and ten 5G base stations. Its Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband subscriptions have grown to over 100,000. Its system, meanwhile, spans 32,000 kilometres across the country, including a 4,705 kilometres DWDM backbone in its fibre transmission system.

Giving Back to the Community

While being the country’s largest telecom company, LTC has also engaged in corporate social responsibility projects. It annually provides several funds for initiatives such as scholarships for students at the National University of Laos. It also supports funds for organisations such as The Makerbox Lao and many others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, LTC provided support to several important initiatives. These initiatives included support of medical personnel and assisting the Ministry of Education in developing online learning tools and modes. The company strove to ensure the health and safety of the Lao people. It also developed ways towards the transition to a new normal environment.