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Perfecting the Journey to the Cloud With the Right Infrastructure
May 20, 2021 Blog

Malaysia ranked 8th in the latest Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) 2020 by the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), ahead of emerging ASEAN nations such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. According to the report, Malaysia’s proactive efforts to drive cloud adoption as well as broader digital transformation saw the country making notable advancements in key readiness areas, such as connectivity, energy sustainability, data centre risk, business sophistication, freedom of information. However, the report also states that more can be done to consolidate and strengthen its existing initiatives to concretise its vision in the near and long-term future.

What makes this journey to the cloud so important for organisations in the country? For one, the only way enterprises can compete in today’s increasingly data-driven landscape is by embracing digital and riding the wave of next-gen technologies that will open a range of business opportunities – from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), to the internet of things (IoT), quantum computing and 5G.

The cloud has become a vital enabler to all this, allowing businesses to cost-effectively handle large volumes of information, enhance the efficiency of data collection and management, and strengthen the delivery of various services. In Malaysia, businesses have been experiencing increasing demand for better services since the pandemic started, especially in the retail and financial industry.

While we saw how the cloud was able to help Malaysian organisations cope with the challenges brought on by the pandemic and achieve sustainable business continuity, it will play an even bigger role in paving the way to economic and operational recovery going forward.
Successfully migrating to the cloud and becoming cloud-centric requires organisations to have the right on-premises infrastructure in place – one that is modern, adaptable, scalable and most importantly, cloud-ready. As such, organisations are now looking to move beyond their legacy infrastructures to allow this crucial migration to happen.

Modern and adaptive infrastructure enables businesses to respond to change quickly with minimal disruption. And this is where Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers come in.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge is the world’s best-selling server portfolio and has been providing the solutions needed for businesses through the years. Now, to cater to the demands of agility, speed and automation, Dell Technologies has refreshed its Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio with 17 next-generation servers, enabling companies to analyse and take action on data wherever it resides.

The servers focus on three key areas on which businesses using the cloud can rely. They include:

  • Adaptive compute – built with the latest advances to enable workloads and business requirements for the present and future. Agility in adapting to changes of workloads as and when needed based on business requirements. Encompassing a wide range of use cases from new workloads around the cloud and AI/ML to more traditional workloads around big data and virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Autonomous compute infrastructure – uses intelligent systems to deliver outcomes based on business priorities and enables IT teams to have freedom in managing them. The aim is to rely on as little human intervention as needed so that IT teams can work on innovating other areas. It also helps businesses adapt to changing environments, enables rapid digital transformation and positions you to grow, scale and evolve.
  • Proactive resilience – added cybersecurity enhancements across the entire portfolio helping businesses establish and maintain a secure IT ecosystem, from the edge to the hybrid cloud.

Every organisation takes a different approach and path to the cloud. These next-gen servers offer a range of innovations to meet your unique business needs. You no longer have to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to infrastructure, helping you better address evolving business demands.

To find out more about how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers can help you on your cloud journey, click here.