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Philippines’ OSG Getting Value for Money from NinjaOne-VCT Investment
October 18, 2022 News


The Philippines is hardly mentioned as among the leaders in digitalisation in the region. But it is steadily making inroads in digital transformation. The latest case in point is the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) of the Philippines, an independent office under the Department of Justice that serves as the country’s law firm.

The OSG always has its hands full, as it represents not only the Philippine government and its agencies and instrumentalities, but also the Filipino people at large. It also determines the national government’s legal position government in cases involving it and is primarily involved in all proceedings before both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. As such, the amount of work everyone at the OSG can at times be overwhelming—and taxing.

Alleviating Work with the Latest Tech

It is in this context that the OSG has decided to leverage technology to make life just a bit easier for everyone. And among those helping the agency in this regard are NinjaOne, the global leader in Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), and VCT Network and Data Solution (VCTNaDS), a Filipino-founded company focusing on premier IT products and services that aim to future-proof the daily operations of organisation.

Eduardo Alejandro O. Santos, Director IV, Case Management Service, at the Office of the Solicitor General, hailed NinjaOne as a “value for money” investment, with its portfolio of Software-as-a-Service solutions that can help organisations in any field reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

“With NinjaOne, there are a lot of options to track what’s happening in the background, and it’s quite simple to use,” said Santos, who highlighted NinjaOne’s simplicity as another one of its defining features aside from its very affordable pricing. “The demo we had at the beginning was excellent, and the setup that followed was as simple as possible. I honestly did anticipate paying much more. NinjaOne’s pricing is great.”

Jay Villanueva, General Manager at VCTNaDS, is hardly surprised, noting how NinjaOne offers not just the world’s most effective RMM, but also a slate of other useful features. And it is for this reason Villanueva believes that bringing NinjaOne to the Philippines was a no-brainer.

“The thrust to bring NinjaOne in the Philippines is one of VCT’s greatest decisions,” said Villanueva. “In addition to being the most effective RMM in the market, NinjaOne’s automated patch management, maintenance scripts, and excellent remote administration have all contributed to our clients’ increased profitability.”

Proving to Be a Wise Investment

And as far as the OSG, choosing NinjaOne is proving to be one of the agency’s best decisions in terms of advancing its digital transformation journey. Santos certainly believes so, and he credits VCTNaDS for helping out every step of the way.

“Despite the fact that we routinely use NinjaOne’s features, we continue to enjoy learning new deployment strategies and time-saving tricks from the knowledgeable NinjaOne distributor [VCTNaDS],” said Santos. “In my experience, utilising NinjaOne helps our organisation save a significant amount of time and money.”

The OSG, though, is not the only government agency benefitting from NinjaOne. The Department of Energy (DOE) is also reaping the benefits of using NinjaOne, leveraging its best-of-breed capabilities to automate processes and streamline operations in a cost-effective manner. And like the OSG, the DOE appears to be satisfied with their digital investment, with Herminio Ariola, Director at DOE, describing the U.S.-based tech firm as being “powerful.”

Getting Closer to Launch

Being described as “powerful” and “value for money” by two government agencies is quite the endorsement for NinjaOne, whose grand launch in the Philippines is on the 27th of October. And with the launch drawing near, expect more from NinjaOne and VCTNaDS, who have both committed to bring the Philippines “the most cost-efficient, cost-effective and value-for-money investments for IT organisations in the country.”