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Qlik Debuts Suite of OpenAI Connectors, Bringing Generative AI into the Qlik Analytics Experience


Qlik® has introduced a suite of OpenAI connectors that will help customers seamlessly and securely bring generative AI content into Qlik to support a wide range of cloud analytics and automation use cases. Expanding Qlik’s robust set of native artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Qlik’s OpenAI connectors deliver the power of generative AI directly within Qlik, bringing back rich contextual content through a ChatGPT experience to enhance data and insights in Qlik applications and automations.

“Generative AI is a transformative evolution in the market, and customers are rightly excited about its potential to augment their analysis and processes with relevant external data,” said James Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer at Qlik. “Our new OpenAI connectors build on our long history of enabling customers with AI, ML and NLP capabilities directly within Qlik. These connectors are just the first elements in our longer-term strategy to help organisations both enhance their full range of data and analytics capabilities with generative AI, as well as support their own generative AI initiatives with our market-leading portfolio of data integration, quality and governance solutions.”

A World of Possibilities with Generative AI 

Qlik recently showcased the potential of combining generative AI and Qlik with a demonstration at QlikWorld that used ChatGPT to drive insights within Qlik Cloud®. The session showed how generative AI can complement a wide range of use cases, from adding external data sets to analysis, expanding context with natural language readouts, and asking questions that deliver new insights from data.

“Today, organisations are actively using predictive and classic AI and accelerating their experimentation with generative AI across use cases, including those in data analytics and decision support and automation,” said Dan Vesset, Group VP of Data and Analytics Research at IDC. “Qlik’s new OpenAI connectors will provide organisations with tools to augment the ongoing work of their analysts and developers, while enabling organisations to establish necessary controls and governance to fully leverage this latest technology.”

The First of Many Connectors

The general availability of Qlik’s OpenAI connectors is the first in a planned set of services and solutions that will leverage Qlik’s open platform approach to help customers and partners innovate and drive more use of and value from their data with generative AI. The suite of OpenAI connectors includes:

  • Qlik OpenAI Analytics Connector enables real-time access to generative content within Qlik Sense apps. Users can securely integrate powerful natural language insights directly from OpenAI into analytics apps, synthesize and combine third-party data into existing data models, directly ask questions of ChatGPT augmented with data from Qlik, and much more. Qlik’s analytics engine sends subsets of data to OpenAI in real-time for insights and answers in-context as users make selections.
  • Qlik OpenAI Connector for Application Automation helps developers enhance their existing workflows with AI and large language model-generated content when creating expressions, commands or scripts. Qlik developers can leverage OpenAI to help quickly and efficiently create and deliver additional value to use cases such as sentiment analysis for CRM applications and customer service teams, translating reviews or product material into different languages, or summarizing complex external text for internal audiences to supplement market trend analysis.

To find out more about Qlik’s AI capabilities visit AI & Machine Learning Capabilities | Qlik.