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Reliable Connectivity for All: Five Notable Use-Cases for Wi-Fi 6
July 6, 2022 Blog


The need to connect to the online world has become a necessity, especially critical for modern organisations. Thus, ultra-fast and reliable Wi-Fi, which can now be delivered by protocol 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6 as it is popularly known, has, in a way, become an important enabler for business success. It enables faster transfer speeds, features MU-MIMO support for simultaneous client data transmissions and allows traffic to be coordinated to serve more packets from more devices to improve network capacity.

No less than the IDC has emphasised the vital role of Wi-Fi to businesses, noting how it supports new business opportunities by “creating innovative ways of interacting with users.” Demand for better, more reliable Wi-Fi will, thus, only grow, making RUCKUS by CommScope one of the most relevant technologies for businesses in these digital-first times. Put simply, RUCKUS by CommScope raises the bar on networking performance and capacity, enabling faster and better connectivity and greater power efficiency.

These use cases for 802.11ax technology highlight why Wi-Fi 6 is now so vital:

  1. Connecting large public venues. Large public venues (LPV), like stadiums and convention centres, accommodate hundreds, sometimes thousands, of guests. And most of these guests want an internet connection. The LPVs themselves need great Wi-Fi to engage with guests and offer value-added services. It goes without saying that only exceptional Wi-Fi, like that of RUCKUS by CommScope, will be able to service such big venues with lots of people who have just as many Wi-Fi-related needs.
  2. Connecting hospitality venues. Hospitality venues such as hotels have similar Wi-Fi needs as LPVs. That is true given their sheer size and the number of people who need to connect to the internet through wireless connectivity—whether they are guests doing business, tourists surfing online for their next destination, or families passing time with online entertainment. Wi-Fi 6 can meet the scale and density challenges of this kind of setup, and RUCKUS by CommScope is an obvious choice.
  3. Connecting transportation hubs. Today’s transportation hubs, like public transport stations, now mostly offer public Wi-Fi because many want to stay online even when on the move. People congregate in these transportation hubs, with most attempting to connect to the networks simultaneously. Adding to the traffic are transient devices that, while not necessarily connecting to the Wi-Fi network, are still sending management traffic. The 802.11ax’s innovations—OFDMA and BSS colouring, in particular—help manage these density challenges, thus enabling more reliable connectivity.
  4. Connecting IoT and smart cities. Other than density challenges, Wi-Fi deployments for Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities face logistical and timing challenges in which scenarios such as this are common: One area has a high volume of devices and all are attempting to connect to the network, while another area has a smaller number of devices but are idle—and still contributing to congestion. Wi-Fi 6 can handle such scenarios with relative ease. Even better, power efficiencies in 802.11ax enable devices to go into deep sleep mode, to be turned on at only predefined intervals.
  5. Connecting education. The field of education is digitally transforming as well, so it should come as no surprise that academic institutions now have high densities of Wi-Fi users. This is especially true in high school and college, which makes reliable Wi-Fi a must in these venues. RUCKUS by CommScope is as reliable as they come and is an excellent choice to fulfil the Wi-Fi needs of any academic institution.

These use-cases, incidentally, already have real-world applications, with two notable examples being Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation in Malaysia and Global Premium Hotels in Singapore. Both needed a reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi network, with the former needing it so that its students and faculty could access the best learning and teaching experiences possible and the latter needing it to enhance the guest experience. Both chose RUCKUS by CommScope and are now reaping these benefits:

Suffice to say, Wi-Fi 6 is a game-changer for businesses, and an upgraded version like RUCKUS by CommScope can do even more for any organisation that uses it. And given people’s needs for fast and reliable connectivity, businesses will be best served to leverage this technology as soon as possible.

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