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Revolutionising Invoice Processing Through the Power of AI: A High-Level Glimpse Into DXC Fast Invoice Pro
December 4, 2023 Blog


You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

This idiom, dating back to around 1800, long predates the concept of SAP. Yet, when it comes to invoice processing, it perfectly describes the challenge that many businesses face.

Incoming invoice details need to be captured in SAP in an orderly and systematic way. This is rightly the case to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

However, incoming invoices often do not arrive in an orderly and systematic way.  Every supplier may use a different format, such as PDF, JPG or Tiff, and they may send them via different messaging or mail apps.

The fact is you have to manually pull the data from multiple types of invoices and prepare it in a format that can be entered into your SAP system.

Effectively converting data that arrives in round pegs into a neat square format within your SAP environment.

Removing the manual tasks associated with pulling data from multiple invoice formats into SAP is just one of the ways that DXC Fast Invoice Pro transforms the way you manage the ‘Purchase-to-Pay’ process.

It’s not just about massively reducing time and resources to enter invoice data; it is about reducing errors in that process, freeing up your staff for more important tasks, and automating other aspects of the invoice journey.

Even before you open an invoice, you have to receive it and acknowledge it. Sounds simple, but you may have invoices arriving in multiple locations—more than one mailbox, file shares, and even into SharePoint. Fast Invoice Pro continually monitors and identifies everywhere that invoices may “arrive.”

Once an invoice is in your system, you likely have a unique and separate authorisation and approval process for each invoice from every supplier. Fast Invoice Pro allows you to integrate these processes into an automated workflow, ensuring approvals run smoothly to the right individuals at the right time, reducing delays, and ensuring correct oversight on every invoice.

Fast Invoice Pro also keeps an audit trail of every stage in the approval and decision workflow, automating the posting of documents via SAP Build Process automation.

Tracking thousands of invoices across different workflow stages can be challenging and time-consuming. Fast Invoice Pro uses data and analytics to provide a real-time dashboard, showing the current status of all invoices, including open invoices, their workflow stages, and time spent on each decision stage.

This helps prioritise activities and significantly improves the overall efficiency of the ‘Purchase-to-Pay’ process.

DXC developed Fast Invoice Pro to solve a real pain point for SAP users, as part of their ongoing commitment to helping users maximise their SAP investment.

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