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Robocorp Launches ReMark, a Generative AI Assistant for Automation Developers


Robocorp, a leading automation company dedicated to delivering open-source automation tools and services for the AI era, is pleased to announce the release of ReMark.

ReMark is a generative AI chatbot assistant that aids automation developers in faster and more efficient code writing and bot development through the power of generative AI. ReMark is available as a standalone chat today to all Robocorp users.

Taking Automation to the Next Frontier

Large language models are revolutionising the automation industry through their code generation abilities helping in the early stages of development projects, detecting errors, and integrating solutions. Python-based platforms have the upper hand in how fast these technologies can be made available to the vast community of developers.

Previously, the industry was filled with vendor-specific low-code tools that imposed limitations on the automations that could be built.

“Generative AI is changing how we think about automation. It is breaking away from the constraints of low-code tools and lowering the barrier of entry for new developers,” said Antti Karjalainen, CEO at and Co-Founder of Robocorp.

Unlike generic chat assistants, ReMark has a unique focus—automation development on the Robocorp platform. It has been trained on thousands of lines of real automation examples and documentation, ensuring that ReMark provides relevant assistance to developers in their day-to-day tasks. Built as a Python-based platform, Robocorp and ReMark can draw on the vast collection of Python automation libraries to create robust and complex automations.

“While we are still some steps away from bots being completely generated based on natural language inputs, ReMark has an impact today. Our customers have a growing number of bots running in production with code-generated bits and pieces. Developers who have embraced the new capabilities come back to us happy and report they are building bots 4x faster,” adds Tommi Holmgren, VP of Product at Robocorp.