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Rong360 Jianpu Technology’s New AI Solutions to Deepen the Digital Transformation of Financial


Jianpu Technology Inc., a leading independent platform for the discovery and recommendation of financial products in China, is pleased to share details on its latest artificial intelligence (AI) innovations and how they are being integrated into its business operations and services.

With the rapid advances in generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI has become a driving force in the digital transformation of the financial industry, and it will soon represent a fundamental piece of infrastructure for financial institutions.

Jianpu has been on the front lines of AI research and development for years, actively developing AI-driven financial applications. As early as 2018, Jianpu introduced the pioneering FinTech AI robot RongBaNiu, which leveraged AI, big data, and deep learning technologies to provide customers with intelligent financial services. These services include customised financial product recommendations, fraud detection, and other risk management services.

The company recently upgraded RongBaNiu to integrate cutting-edge generative AI technologies, through which it is planning to offer banks and other financial partners a powerful new suite of AI-driven digital tools. Jianpu’s big data and system-based risk management team had been exploring NLP model use cases well before the recent wave of AI advancements. Therefore, it is poised to benefit from the emergence of Large Language Model and the qualitative leap in NLP.

Leveraging Innovative AI—Quickly and Efficiently

As a financial recommendation platform built on AI technology, Jianpu is able to quickly deploy innovative new AI applications to deepen clients’ digital transformation. For instance, Jianpu fine-tuned an external NLP model with its proprietary data and algorithm to provide clients with customised risk control models tailored to their individual needs.

Jianpu is also using AI-based solutions to provide personalised recommendations more efficiently, help insurance brokers match customers with customised healthcare plans, and empower its financial partners to automatically identify and classify financial risks.

Additionally, Jianpu has also made significant strides in adopting AI technologies in its own daily operations, with an overwhelming majority of employees and every business unit utilising AI tools to enhance efficiency and service. These internal AI initiatives have allowed Jianpu to streamline its operations while unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The company recently concluded a highly successful cross-departmental AI Hackathon, which showcased the enormous potential of AI applications within and outside the financial sector. The inaugural event featured a dozen of internally-generated innovations, with highlights including an NLP project focused on generative AI, a computer vision project on facial microexpression recognition, and solutions for leveraging AI to streamline marketing and operations processes within banks.

Driving Innovation Further

This open and forward-thinking initiative is poised to drive innovation and growth within the organization while facilitating the development of new applications that drive business development and enhance the customer experience.

David Ye, Co-Founder of and Chairman and CEO at Jianpu, said, “ was founded in 2017 with the name derived from Chinese culture, where ‘Jian’ signifies simplicity and ‘Pu’ represents inclusiveness. was created with the intention of leveraging AI to make finance simpler and more inclusive.”

He added: “Over the years, we have successfully utilised technology to digitally transform banks, insurance companies, and other partners within and beyond the financial sector, empowering them to enhance operational efficiency and intelligence in risk management, wealth management, SME loan origination, regulatory compliance, and customer service.”

Ye concluded: “With an extensive user base, diverse partners in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Southeast Asia, and other regions, a wide range of services, and strong technology and innovation capabilities, we are confident in our ability to drive AI advancements, and further enable the financial industry’s digital transformation.”