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Savant Systems Selects Juniper Networks as Strategic Wi-Fi Partner


Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven networks, has announced that Savant Systems, a global leader in smart home and energy solutions, has selected Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise solutions, including wireless access, to help revolutionise the home automation experience by bringing intelligent controls to millions of homes.

Today’s homeowners want to be surrounded by comfort, convenience and efficiency. Savant smart homes unite automated controls for security, lighting, temperature, power, and simplified wireless networking, but they need remote management, visibility and proactive remediation to keep them up and running while delivering amazing user experiences.

Delivering a Strong Wi-Fi Foundation 

With extensive experience in the smart home industry, Savant Systems has been providing its software to millions of homes for over 17 years and is committed to delivering the highest quality smart home and energy solutions. To make the customer experience even better, Savant needed a wireless infrastructure that is easy to configure and reliable to operate, with extensive insight into user experiences for all smart home components. Savant chose Juniper’s wireless access solution, driven by Mist AI, as the network foundation for the company’s smart home solutions.

As the leader in wireless access, Juniper provides Savant with a variety of unique yet essential AI networking features, such as customisable wireless service levels, proactive AI-driven troubleshooting, and self-driving operations that keep customer networks running smoothly.

In addition, Savant developers leveraged Juniper’s open API-centric architecture to build a customised AI-driven dashboard that allows dealers to seamlessly manage, monitor and support individual customer networks. Dealers can provision and activate a customer’s network all from their Savant dashboard, eliminating the need to learn a new user interface and thus accelerating time to revenue and reducing overhead for their installation team.

“Savant Systems is thrilled to be partnering with Juniper solutions and Mist AI to help our dealers reduce the discovery and resolution time of any Wi-Fi issue,” said Aaron Gutin, Product Category Director at Savant Systems. “Our integrators and end users are happy when the Wi-Fi’s great—which means we’re happy too.”