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Sennheiser Launches Profile USB Microphone to Provide Ease of Use and Best-In-Class Audio


Sennheiser has launched the Profile USB microphone, a cardioid condenser microphone that presents an easy and stylish solution for streaming and podcasting. It combines professional sound with direct accessibility of all functions, allowing streamers, podcasters and gamers to fully focus on their content. The side-address microphone is available as a table stand version and as the Profile Streaming Set with a three-point self-locking boom arm. Both models are shipping now.

Putting Audio Quality and Ease of Use First

At the heart of the Profile USB microphone is an award-winning Sennheiser condenser capsule, the KE 10. Its cardioid pick-up pattern provides the typical attenuation of sound coming from the rear, making sure that the streamer’s voice is in focus.

In designing the Profile, product managers Benny Franke and Dennis Stegemerten made sure to emphasise ease of use. “When you are recording your podcast or doing a live stream, you already have to worry about the content, perhaps room treatment, the camera set-p, interaction with your audience—the last thing you need in this situation is a complex audio setup,” explained Franke. “So, we tried to create tech that gets out of the way of your creative process.”

Stegemerten added, “The design is simple and efficient and does not overwhelm you. Profile is simply plugged into the USB-C port of your computer or tablet.  Your device will automatically recognise the microphone, and it’s ready to capture your voice. There is no need for an interface or any software, no additional window to keep open so that you can control the mic settings. One intuitive touch of a control directly on the mic—that’s all that is needed.”

At its front, the Profile USB Mic features a soft-touch, no-noise mute button, a gain control for the microphone volume, a mix control to set the balance between your voice and the computer/tablet audio and a volume control for headphone monitoring. Headphones or earphones can be connected via a 3.5 mm socket at the back of the Profile USB microphone.

LED rings on the Profile conveniently signal the operating status. When the LED ring around the gain control is green, the mic is ready to go. When the same light ring turns yellow at times or all of the time, the mic is clipping and you need to reduce the mic volume. When the microphone has been muted, light rings around the mute button and the gain control light up red.

Mic Placement Made Easy

“Right out of the box, the Profile delivers a natural, warm sound that accentuates the body and presence of your voice. Interestingly enough, you can even hear this difference on platforms that compress the audio,” explained Franke. “Having a great capsule is essential for this. But placing the microphone correctly is just as important. It should be positioned within six inches from your mouth or the sound source to ensure both clarity and warmth.”

The Profile can be tilted for optimum positioning. The self-locking joint will ensure that the mic stays in position. Additionally, 3/8″ and 5/8″ connectors at the bottom allow the mic to be used with third-party table stands. Users who are looking for more sophisticated placement possibilities should opt for the Profile Streaming Set, which comes with a three-point self-locking boom arm. With its sleek and modern design, including integrated cable management, the boom arm is ideal for any on-camera applications.

Sennheiser has been enhancing audio technology, partnering with Lumens Unite previously and expanding its wireless digital family.