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SGTech Unveils GenAI Jobs and Skills Guide in Response to Singapore’s National AI Strategy 2.0


SGTech, Singapore’s leading tech trade association, has launched the ‘Generative AI for the Tech Workforce.’ It is a dedicated resource aimed at driving digital transformation for businesses. This resource guide will aid businesses to leverage the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence or GenAI solutions and the corresponding training needs for their employees in this transformation.

“The future of work relies on the flexibility of individuals and organisations to adopt technological advancements. Teaming up with AI Singapore (AISG), we leverage GenAI to align skills needs with technological progress,” said Benjamin Mah, Co-Chair of Talent Steering Committee at SGTech. “This publication serves as a guide, directing professionals and enterprises toward a future where skills development seamlessly aligns with technological innovation.”

This initiative reflects the tech industry’s prompt response to the government’s National AI Strategy 2.0, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in December 2023. In assuming the role of the Skills Development Partner, SGTech is entrusted with articulating job roles and skills requirements across both technology and non-technology sectors to address the evolving landscape of Generative AI.

Empowering Businesses with Practical Insights and Resources for Successful GenAI Integration

In line with SGTech’s sustained commitment to empowering digital transformation across the region, the resource guide demonstrates the association’s concerted effort to provide a comprehensive overview of GenAI and its impact on businesses, jobs, and skills. This will serve as a practical guide for business owners and individuals seeking to navigate the evolving landscape.

Developed by SGTech in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and AISG, the guide is targeted at business owners who are planning to adopt GenAI into the business transformation journey to improve business effectiveness or introduce new products and services.

With inputs from the 30 pledging companies in GenAI skills adoption, the guide consists of three use cases incorporating GenAI in business solutioning, a tech talent profile and the spectrum of GenAI skills required for employees, and resources on support for business owners in adopting GenAI for businesses and their employees. The guide has been carefully curated, based on insights generated through industry consultations, to support skills development in GenAI for employees.

Laurence Liew, AISG’s Director of AI Innovation, added: “AISG has worked closely with SGTech in the definition of tech talent profiles and skills to support the development of the Gen AI landscape. More notably, through Workforce Singapore’s Career Conversion Programme for AI Application Developers to support skills acquisition of developers. AISG will continue to work closely with SGTech in defining Gen AI skills and supporting the industry to acquire these skills to develop the ecosystem of AI professionals.”