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Sharing Economy International in Joint venture with naked-eye 3D high-tech company Su Xin Rui Shi to Lay Out the Underlying Architecture of Metaverse Technology
April 5, 2022 News


Sharing Economy International Inc. (SEII) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary 3D Discovery Co., Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership with Suzhou Su Xin Rui Shi Technology Co., Ltd. (“Su Xin Rui Shi”) to jointly expand the international naked-eye 3D ecosystem and industry chain business, build a “Metaverse” underlying hardware support ecosystem, create a global leading platform for naked eye 3D technology and develop and optimise the metaverse experience technology platform.

SEII aims to promote the development of the global sharing economy through the development of online platforms and cooperation in leasing business around technology and the global sharing economy market. SEII already has a number of technology and service platforms in key markets such as Asia, Europe and the US.

Su Xin Rui Shi is a leading global naked-eye 3D display technology research and development company, dedicated to the development and industrialisation of international top 3D light field real-time rendering engine technology. The team has three core innovative technologies: a light field reconstruction algorithm based on backlight matching technology, a programmable real-time 3D Light Field rendering engine based on human eye bio-stereoscopic vision and a fusion algorithm between stereoscopic image source and virtual scene, making Su Xin Rui Shi a leading company in the industry to achieve real-time light field rendering. It is also one of the very few teams in China that can provide customised naked eye 3D solutions, and it has successfully transformed ordinary 2D sources to 3D light field sources in real time, solving the current situation of content scarcity in the industry.

It is reported that 3D Discovery and Su Xin Rui Shi will jointly establish a joint venture in Hong Kong, in which 3D Discovery and Su Xin Rui Shi will hold 60% and 40% of the joint venture, respectively (the “Joint Venture”). Through the joint venture, 3D Discovery and Su Xin Rui Shi plan to focus on developing and promoting naked eye 3D applications and services in key areas such as 8K/16K resolution real-time rendering, screenless suspended 3D displays and other technologies, expanding hardware sales around key regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe, represented by Hong Kong and Singapore, and providing high-definition digital modelling and hardware facilities upgrades to key customers.

The metaverse technology application platform, which is deeply laid out by the Joint Venture, will become a strategic engine and a new growth point for SEII’s sharing economy business. On the one hand, it will help the technical iteration of the public ECrent sharing and leasing business platform, providing a more realistic interactive experience of leasing scenarios for global users and enhancing transaction efficiency and service profits; on the other hand, it can provide more advanced technical services and marketing solutions for the company’s customers, effectively expanding and adding new customers’ scale and revenue.

With SEII’s extensive global presence and business resources in the sharing economy, as well as its international leadership in clarity, customisability, observer points, real-time rendering and other technical parameters, and its complete patent layout internationally, SEII will be able to “surge” in the capital market and further promote the development and transformation of new economic forms in the metaverse era.