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Silverlake Axis Partners with 6Estates to Boost Essential AI Capabilities


Leading Singapore-mainboard listed FinTech and digital banking solutions provider Silverlake Axis Ltd. has announced a new partnership with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enterprise solutions provider 6Estates. Following this agreement, Silverlake Axis will enhance the AI capabilities in all its banking solutions suites by incorporating 6Estates’s Finance-as-a-Service (FaaS) application. Silverlake Axis

Artificial Intelligence has now become an integral part of Singapore’s growth trajectory. The National AI Strategy 2.0 recently announced in the Budget Statement for 2024, with an additional $1 billion infusion over the next five years into AI computing, talent, and industry development, is a testament to this. SAL’s strategic collaboration with 6Estates guarantees its customers access to the most advanced technology, marking the next step in the Group’s business expansion pipeline.

The buzz surrounding AI has become a fervent call to action for all financial institutions, compelling them to integrate it into their operations swiftly. Amidst this momentum, it is easy to overlook the importance of exercising caution and utilizing AI in a way that delivers actual value to your business. Through our partnership with 6Estates, Silverlake Axis is committed to achieving exactly that for our clients,” shared Cassandra Goh, Silverlake Axis’s Deputy Executive Chairman “6Estates has a remarkable track record in serving financial institutions, and we are confident that they are the perfect partner to elevate our AI capabilities to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.”

Extracting Valuable Insights from Data Using Silverlake Axis’s Innovative Solutions

The integration of AI technology into Silverlake Axis’s solutions will streamline data extraction from any financial document without setting a template, pinpoint potential discrepancies that may affect document authenticity, and extract valuable insights from the captured data to facilitate loan processing. Additionally, it offers fraud and AML detection mechanisms that enable banks to swiftly identify risks, expediting their loan processing efforts. This collaboration will accelerate SME loan processing via Silverlake Axis’s solution suites by 20 times and diminish risks of fraudulent activities by up to 90%.

“Empowering financial services businesses through business-ready AI is our driving force at 6Estates. We are focused on creating tangible benefits to our customers’ growth and efficiency through domain-specific, AI-enabled solutions, and are very excited to be joining SAL’s robust platform to serve more customers across the region”, said Dr Luan Huanbo, Founder of and CEO at 6Estates.

Harnessing over three decades of experience and a diverse range of proficiencies spanning banking, insurance, retail, and logistics, Silverlake Axis consistently raises the bar by refining and upgrading its technology to guarantee its customers receive nothing short of excellence. Continuing its track record of excellence, the Group ultimately aims to emerge as the premier digital economy solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region.