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SK Telecom to Showcase New AI Technologies at MWC Barcelona 2024


SK Telecom has announced that it will participate in the upcoming Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 (MWC 2024) kicking off on the 26th of February 26 in Barcelona, Spain. There, the company will showcase a range of future technologies driven by innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), including communication services, network infrastructure, and real-world applications.

SKT, which continues to transform itself into a global AI company, is set to occupy a 992㎡exhibition area situated at the heart of Hall 3 in Fira Gran Via, the primary convention venue for MWC 2024. Here, the company will present telco-centric AI technologies under the theme “AI, on the Point of Inflection.”

The central focus of the exhibition will be telco-specific large language models (LLMs). The exhibition will shed light on SKT’s efforts to develop LLMs tailored for teleco business that can also be leveraged across diverse applications, with the ultimate goal of maximising their effectiveness for both service providers and customers.

SK Telecom is a fixture at MWC.

SK Telecom to Showcase Telco-Specific AI Use Cases at MWC Barcelona 2024

SK Telecom will be introducing multiple use cases rooted in telco-specific LLM, including Litmus Plus, an AI-enhanced system for analysing indoor and outdoor traffic data; AI Quantum Camera, versatile for applications in robotics, security, and healthcare; virtual agents featuring chatbot capabilities; an AI-based system for filtering spam and smishing; and AI call centre (AICC).

Additionally, SK Telecom will present AI technologies with extensive everyday applications spanning fields from media to healthcare. Visitors to SK Telecom’s booth will be able to explore X Caliber, an AI-based X-ray image diagnosis assistance service; AI Media Studio, a platform for media-processing and content quality enhancement; and Intelligence Vision, a biological microscope leveraging Vision AI.

Furthermore, the exhibition will feature AI Data Centre (DC) technology, which incorporates liquid immersion cooling, a next-generation advanced thermal management approach; various AI-driven network infrastructure technologies; and a life-sized UAM (Urban Air Mobility) aircraft simulator.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom will highlight its ongoing ESG initiatives at the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) event, an exhibition stage set up at Hall 8.1 of Fira Gran Via. In collaboration with 15 Korean innovation startups, SK Telecom aims to showcase ESG solutions that can help address today’s social challenges.

SK Telecom CEO Ryu Young-sang plans to visit MWC Barcelona 2024, where more than 2,400 businesses are expected to participate, to present the company’s strategy for continued transformation into a global AI company and promote partnerships with various global partners.

In addition, Young-sang plans to take the opportunity presented by the MWC stage to further build on discussions for the Global Telco AI Alliance, which was officially launched in July last year.

“At this year’s MWC Barcelona, we will showcase how we are driving new innovations with advanced AI technologies,” said Young-sang. “We will also take this opportunity to accelerate our transformation into a global AI company by engaging in extensive collaboration with global players.”