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SKT A. Gets New Call Features, Nifty Upgrades


SK Telecom has announced that it has upgraded call-related features of its personalised AI (Artificial Intelligence) personal assistant, SKT A. (pronounced “A dot”) and made features such as “A. Call Translator” available for Android device users.

SK Telecom has been leading the growth of the mobile industry since 1984. Now, it is taking customer experience to new heights by extending beyond connectivity.

By placing AI at the core of its business, SK Telecom is rapidly transforming into an AI company with a strong global presence. It is focusing on driving innovations in areas of AI Infrastructure, AI Transformation (AIX), and AI Service to deliver greater value for industry, society, and life.

By adding the call service to SKT A. for Android, the leading telco now offers not only basic AI-based phone features such as call recording and call summary but also A. Call Translator, a real-time call interpretation service that was first made available for the iOS version of A. last December.

SKT A. to Protect Users Better

Moreover, to strengthen protection for users against spam and phishing calls, SKT added AI Spam Indicator to SKT A.’s call service. AI Spam Indicator helps users recognise spam calls by displaying a spam rating—e.g., phishing alert, spam alert, and suspected spam—when users receive a call from an unknown number.

The prediction is based on scores measured by SKT’s AI Spam Detection System that detects abnormal patterns of phone numbers in real time, 24/7. AI Spam Indicator is available immediately on iOS and will be available on Android in April. SKT A.

SKT A. also offers Biz Contact, a telephone directory feature designed to increase user convenience. The feature enables users to easily look up phone numbers of stores, businesses, and organisations that are not saved in their contacts. This feature is available on both iOS and Android OS.

The upgraded AI-based call features can be used by SKT subscribers via sign-ups. Non-SKT subscribers can still use the SKT A. app for call recording and call summary as well as features that assist their everyday lives.

“Through this update, we will be able to further enhance user’s communication experience,” said Kim Yong-hun, Chief AI Service Officer at SKT. “We will continue to introduce services that utilise AI technology to provide new value to our customers.”