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Sports Titan Pte Ltd Partners with HokuApps to Reengineer Its Business Workflows and Processes


HokuApps, a global player in the next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the preferred technology partner by Sports Titan Pte Ltd, a newly established sports and wellness company in Singapore that curates and brings together quality sports packages, qualified coaches, accessible facilities and sports equipment at affordable prices for sports fanatics, from enthusiastic beginners to passionate professionals.

Post-pandemic, Sports Titan saw the opportunity to create a one-stop marketplace to promote sports learning and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Sports Titan aims to reinvent the customer experience and build core capabilities for a fast-changing environment. Therefore, it was imperative for them to adopt digital technology to improve customer experience and form better customer relationships.

Leveraging the HokuApps-powered low-code digital transformation platform, Sports Titan will build a mobility solution that makes it easy for consumers (or players) to access and compare a suite of quality sports programs, qualified coaches and accessible facilities. The enterprise solution will consist of two fully featured mobile applications—one for Sports Titan’s coaches and the other for sports players, supported by two backend web administrative consoles for the internal team. These apps will consist of functions such as provision of training videos and best-matched packages based on individual sports preferences, ecommerce ordering system for sports equipment, sports packages booking system, coach and player management, integration of payment gateways and personalised dashboards that monitor the performance of players. The overall aim is to improve internal efficiencies all whilst digitising and delivering better customer experiences, which would propel growth for the business as a whole.

“We chose to collaborate with HokuApps because under the new operating environment, we have to adapt quickly by developing an application that will help to streamline our entire operational process. Besides providing functional capabilities to coaches and players, we hope to have the ability to collate sufficient aggregate data so that we could work with the government to transform the sports landscape in Singapore and move into Artificial Intelligence analytics for long-term business sustainability,” said Chris Chan, Chief Operating Officer at and Co-Founder of Sports Titan. “We decided to put our trust in HokuApps’ rapid mobile application development platform as we strongly believe in their latest cutting-edge technology which will help us to achieve the agility that is needed to optimise our operations, in the shortest timeframe.”

“We are looking forward to providing Sports Titan with user-friendly applications that will establish the organisation’s digital ecosystem which will enable the adaptability that they will need, not just to have a sharper competitive edge but to also improve customer adoption and enhance brand reception as well,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “We are extremely excited to go live with the applications real soon, enabling Sports Titan to adapt more quickly to their changing business needs in this post-pandemic era.”