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Sprinklr Announces 120 New Customer Service and 25 New AI Innovations to Elevate Omnichannel Customer Service


Sprinklr has announced the winter release (v. 18.2) of its unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises. Release 18.2 includes more than 650 new features and innovations for the four Sprinklr product suites. For this release, Sprinkr is especially focused on continued momentum and innovation in the customer service space with 120 new Contact Centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) features and 25 new Artificial Intelligence features for the Sprinklr Service product suite.

“For more than a year, we have been working with leading organisations around the world to disrupt the traditional enterprise CCaaS market and deliver new service strategies for digital-first enterprises,” said Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Sprinklr. “With the ability to engage across 30+ channels, we empower customer service teams to seamlessly work across digital, social, and voice channels. Support from AI self-service tools helps brands deliver faster resolution of customer queries at reduced cost.”

Sprinklr Service is a comprehensive, AI-powered CCaaS platform that enables agents to serve customers across digital, social and voice channels seamlessly. It helps agents deliver quick resolutions of customer queries at lower cost of operations. Highlights from the new innovations announced recently and now available to all Sprinklr customers include:

  • Predictive intelligence analyses customer data and identifies patterns that can predict future behaviour, such as customer churn or likelihood to purchase. This can help businesses anticipate and take proactive measures to identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities or prevent customer churn.
  • AI-powered quality management provides real-time insights on agent performance and compliance for all customer conversations on all channels. Agents can view reasons for each quality score delivered by AI with recommendations on how to improve. This ensures the opportunity for coaching and self-learning on 100% of conversations.
  • Complete commerce solutions for WhatsApp empower seamless product purchases, interactions and personalised recommendations and guidance on WhatsApp using chatbot.
  • Impact Analysis allows organisations to evaluate the impact of various factors on key strategic metrics such as CSAT & NPS.
  • Top contact driver automatically analyses content from 100% of customer voice interactions. It reveals insights around common issues as well as indirect feedback, such as when customers mention related topics or issues that may not have been explicitly requested or addressed.
  • Outbound voice allows contact centres to use AI-powered predictive diallers and conversational IVR to increase customer connection rates and reduce inbound calls. This helps in increasing conversions and efficiency.

Last year, HDFC Bank, one of India’s leading private banks, decided to unify their customer experience across all channels. It then began the search for a technology partner to help them achieve this goal.

Sprinklr’s digital-first approach, backed by a complete CCaaS offering and unified platform, gives customers the confidence to make significant change to their customer care infrastructure. Sprinklr has supported HDFC Bank in its journey of enhancing its customer care infrastructure across all channels.

With Sprinklr, HDFC Bank is able to:

  • Replace 10+ point solutions with one unified platform.
  • Support more than 10 million interactions on digital text-based channels and more than 15 million voice calls every month.
  • Empower more than 12,000 contact centre agents to work across live chat, WhatsApp, social, SMS, email and voice using a single console. This integrates directly into CRM and back-end systems, eliminating the customer pain with “switching channels” to resolve issues and agents feeling a need to “swivel chair” between siloed systems
  • Leverage Sprinklr’s industry-leading AI and automation to drive greater agent efficiency with the support of chat bots, voice bots, workforce management and interactive voice recognition (IVR). HDFC Bank is now close to a 70% resolution rate overall using automated tools.
  • Reduce the average handling times by 15% across all channels and reduce first response times by 50%.

“As arguably India’s number one bank, HDFC Bank’s vision is to unify the customer experience, going beyond traditional voice-based call centres to meet customers on the modern digital channels they use . . . ,” said Anjani Ratore, Chief Digital Officer at HDFC Bank. “Our mission is to delight our customers on any channel they choose with experiences that are fast, easy and personalised. To do that, we needed a platform purpose-built for the modern world with an architectural foundation for the next 30 years, not the last 30 years. In Sprinklr, we found a partner that shares our vision and whose technology and pace of innovation is unparalleled.”

“Contact centres are the lifeblood of most organisations, but digital transformation in this space continues to be a slow journey . . . ,” said Keith Dawson, Research Director of CX at Ventana Research. “However, as customers increasingly demonstrate preference for new channels and self-service support and have higher expectations for timely engagement. Thus, the industry is shifting toward a more innovative, digital-first model.  As a company born in the digital and social world that has introduced new technology to compete with legacy CCaaS providers, Sprinklr is a formidable player in this space and well positioned to help digitally-focused and digital-native enterprises transform their service operations.”

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