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Sprinklr Upgrades Generative AI Conversational Bots with 110 New Features


Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, has unveiled more than 100 new capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI)- and generative AI-powered capabilities, as part of the company’s spring platform release (v. 18.5).

Release 18.5 continues to support Sprinklr’s momentum in the customer service and CCaaS market with more than 110 new capabilities added to the Sprinklr Service Product Suite. Updates include features built with Sprinklr AI+, Sprinklr’s AI-everywhere offering announced last month that unifies proprietary AI from Sprinklr with OpenAI‘s generative AI.

“Sprinklr believes that customer service and CCaaS markets are ripe for disruption and customers and brands deserve more. As vendors rush to deliver new AI features, Sprinklr is demonstrating the real-world capabilities possible when AI is built across a unified platform and designed to be both open and scalable,” said Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Sprinkler.

He added: “New Sprinklr AI+ capabilities are helping the largest and most complex enterprises supercharge agent productivity and automate tasks and processes with AI. We are helping our customers transform their contact centers and customer experiences while preserving the level of governance, compliance, and data privacy that large brands require.”

Introducing New, Exciting Features

The  new features for the contact centre include:

  • Generative AI-powered bots and more than a dozen new conversational AI features. Users can experience features like dynamic decision trees powered by generative AI that help speed conversational bot building and implementation significantly. Knowledge base integration with conversational AI connects a brand’s knowledge base to large language models (LLMs) to train conversational AI bots on the information in the knowledge base for more accurate responses. This also allows users to continuously recalibrate and update AI models as the knowledge base evolves.
  • The ability to quickly build your Knowledge Base by auto-expanding articles from bullet points, writing assistance, including paraphrasing and text simplification, smart search of articles and auto-translation capabilities.
  • AI+ features to help ensure more accurate and quicker Live Chat conversations. Automated generation of chat responses in multiple languages, video call and case summaries, autogeneration of subjects for live chat conversations, and smart composition while customers are typing in the live chat widget all combine to improve customer and agent experience.
  • More than 16 AI-powered CCaaS features designed to increase agent productivity. New capabilities include auto summarisation of cases, reply assistance, extracting relevant responses from the Knowledge Base, auto dispositions for cases and more.

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Upgrading the Sprinklr Core Product Line

In addition to Sprinklr Service, release 18.5 includes updates across the three other Sprinklr core product suites Sprinklr InsightsSprinklr Marketing and Sprinklr Social. With new features available now, Sprinklr users can leverage the following:

Sprinklr Insights: Harness Generative AI+ for faster more powerful Insights.

  • Using AI-generated query themes, CX professionals can enter a simpledescription of a search topic and automatically generate themes, queries, keywords, hashtags and phrase suggestions. Users can then refine and launch a search, reducing the time to insights by as much as 90%.
  • On-demand,AI-generated summaries of long-form content (news, blogs, ) help users quickly understand content and extract meaningful insights.

Sprinklr Marketing: Improve productivity and efficiency for paid and organic content.

  • Simplify and accelerate the briefing process using generative AI to create key campaign messages, social media content and
  • Improve the quality of your content and save time by using AI to simplify, reword, translate, fix spelling/grammar errors, alter the length of the text or modify the tone of advertising and marketing
  • Produce high-impact advertising content and lower costs using AI-powered features to edit image templates, such as auto-cropping, background removal, auto-color and automated text

Sprinklr Social: Enhance community management, governance, and team productivity.

  • New integrations with WeChat, Amazon Q&A and Microsoft Teams help social teams manage communities more effectively and speed up
  • Scale up governance with share configurations at the user/user group and workspace/workspace group levels for all audience profiles. Unauthorised users will not be able to access any audience profiles (or associated PII data). These profiles can be shared manually and automatically with users using rules or
  • Enhance efficiency with support for multiple translations of names and descriptions for entities such as  If the translation for the selected language is unavailable, the default translation will be displayed. Appropriate translation can be provided based on preference.

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