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Sustainable Fashion: Epson Partners with 7 ASEAN Fashion Designers for Unique Collection Using Innovative Tech


Epson, a global leader in professional printing, has announced its collaboration with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) to raise awareness on sustainable fashion through innovative technology.

As part of the collaboration, Epson partnered with seven local designers from different ASEAN markets to create a unique fashion collection with a sustainability theme that ties in with the cultural roots of their respective countries. The full “Sustainability in Asia” collection will be unveiled during Epson’s LFP Innovation Day in Bangkok on 21 March 2024. Leading up to the main event, part of the collection will be showcased at Epson Solution Center across the region.

The seven designers from AFDS are:

  1. Terry Yeo of Singapore
  2. Lisa Fitria of Indonesia
  3. Even Ong of Malaysia
  4. Dave Ocampo of Philippines
  5. Pitnapat Yotinratanachai of Thailand
  6. Nicky Vu of Vietnam
  7. Bandid Lasavong of Laos

Sustainable Fashion Using Epson’s Sublimation Printers

The designers are leveraging Epson’s line of dye sublimation printers including SureColor SC-F6430, SureColor SC-F9430H, and SureColor SC-F10030 to produce bright and sharp colour apparel pieces for these unique collections.

“My collection, ‘A Tiny Garden in the Big City,’ draws inspiration from Singapore’s Garden by the Bay, reflecting the balance between nature and urban life. The creative process involves incorporating the landmark into fabric design and garment silhouettes, capturing colours from the rainforest dome and daily light shows. Sustainability is woven into the collection by using fabrics from previous collections and upcycling suitable outfits while newly printed fabrics using Epson printers aim for zero waste,” said Singapore’s Yeo.

Towards sustainable fashion

Singaporean designer Terry Yeo working on his collection, “A Tiny Garden in the Big City”

Sublimation transfer is an easy printing method in which the design is first printed on a dye sublimation transfer media. Using only a combination of heat and pressure, the design on this media will then be transferred directly onto the fabric. With this method, the ink will be bonded to the fabric, resulting in permanent, vibrant prints that are fade resistant and allowing sustainable fashion in the process.

Unlike conventional printing which requires a substantial amount of water for fabric preparation, dyeing, and rinsing, digital textile printing that uses dye sublimation is a more environmentally conscious approach for apparel companies as it produces less waste. It also minimises overproduction as designers can produce printed fabric as required. This ensures fashion designers will be able to maintain a sustainable textile printing business while significantly reducing the cost as well as environmental impact.

Digitalising the Industry Towards Sustainable Fashion

Additionally, going digital enables designers to have full creative freedom to print anything imaginable and on-demand. The technology allows them to create and produce complex designs, giving designers endless variations and options that suit their respective tastes—all while promoting sustainable fashion.

Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Epson Singapore, said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with AFDS to raise awareness on sustainable digital textile printing through a creative showcase on apparels with these established and aspiring ASEAN designers. Guided by our brand message, ‘Engineered for Good,” Epson is continuously exploring different ways to co-create sustainability technology solutions that truly enrich our communities and address issues surrounding the environment. It is part of our long-term mission to improve the sustainability standards across different industries including the textile industry”.

Hayden Ng, Premier Founder/Singapore Fashion Ambassador at ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase added: “The team of designers with AFDS are excited to participate in this unique partnership with Epson, aligning with their shared vision for the future of fashion and technology.

“The collaborative designs crafted for this venture embody a vibrant fusion of fun, youthfulness, fashion-forward sensibilities, and practical wearability. Each of the seven designers has ingeniously translated their unique narratives, rooted in the cultural tapestry of their respective countries, and has artfully woven in their perspectives on sustainability and zero wastage in the production of these styles,” Ng concluded.