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Teledyne FLIR Introduces AI-Optimised Thermal Camera for Enhanced Intrusion Detection


Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporate, has announced the release of its new FLIR FC-Series AI, the latest model in its signature fixed camera (FC) series. The FC-Series AI is a thermal security camera with onboard artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics that accurately classifies humans and vehicles for early intrusion detection for perimeter protection and remote site monitoring.

With video analytics that combine deep neural network (DNN)- and motion-based analytics, the FC-Series AI offers industry-leading intrusion detection, enabling users to expand situational awareness and make better-informed decisions that increase safety and improve coordination and efficiency.

Featuring a premium thermal sensor with 640 × 512 full resolution, the FC-Series AI camera creates images based on the heat emitted by humans and objects, rather than relying solely on visible light. The thermal imager supports an industry-leading thermal sensitivity of <25 milliKelvin (mK), one of the best Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) values on the market, enabling the sensor to outperform other thermal cameras whose visibility and detection rates decrease in adverse conditions. Offering eight, high-performance lenses ranging from an 8.6° × 6.6° to a 90° × 69° field of view, the FC-Series AI enables security operators to clearly see and detect intruders, even in complete darkness, rain, fog and smoke.

Empowering Security Managers

The FC-Series AI also combines DNN- and motion-based video analytics for reliable detection, empowering security managers to differentiate between true threats and nuisance alarms. Using FLIR’s curated library of thousands of thermal images, FLIR DNN-analytics are trained to classify objects in real-world situations where humans or vehicles may be slightly obscured or challenging to identify or if an intruder attempts to deceive the system. The FC-Series AI also offers target geolocation capabilities and precise handoff to a pan-tilt-zoom device for streamlined target tracking.

“Our new FC-Series AI cameras elevate the possibilities for customers to tighten their perimeter protection strategy,” said Seetha Sasikala, Global Product Solutions Manager at Teledyne FLIR. “Combining DNN- and motion detection-based analytics, industry-leading thermal sensitivity and the widest range of high-performance lenses on the market, the FC-Series AI camera offers security professionals a high performing, dependable and cybersecure solution for intrusion detection.”

Maximising Performance, Enhancing Security

Designed to maximise the performance of new and existing multilayered physical security systems, the FC-Series AI camera tightly integrates with FLIR UVMS, as well as other third-party video management systems, and is supported by FLIR Nexus software. As an NDAA-compliant device, the FC-Series AI camera offers security professionals extensive cyber protection and peace of mind. With rugged, weatherproof IP66 and IP67 and vandal-proof IK10 ratings, the FC-Series AI provides durable housing.

The FC-Series AI camera is available to order from FLIR distribution partners. To learn more about the FC-Series AI, please visit: