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Telkomsel and ZTE Strengthen Collaboration to Develop 5G Solutions for the Corporate and Industrial Segments in Indonesia


Telkomsel and ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, strengthen the collaboration established through a collaboration commitment to developing the utilisation of 5G services for the Enterprise (corporate) segment in Indonesia. This joint synergy was formalised through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, which was carried out directly by Wong Soon Nam, Chief Planning and Transformation Officer at Telkomsel, and Mei Zhonghua, SVP of ZTE, on the 27th of February 2023, coinciding with the 2023 Mobile World Conference held in Barcelona, Spain.

“As a digital transformation enabler, Telkomsel continues to provide various innovative solutions according to industry needs in Indonesia to accelerate digital transformation. Through the Telkomsel Enterprise unit, we are committed to becoming an integrated digital solution provider powerhouse ready to assist corporations in opening up more opportunities to accelerate sustainable business growth,” said Wong Soon Nam, Chief Planning and Transformation Officer at Telkomsel. “Amid the current challenging world economic conditions, digital transformation is one of the determining factors that will help business people from all types of industries become more productive, efficient, and secure.”

He added, “As we advance, this strategic partnership with partners such as ZTE can continue to open up more potential for progress for corporate customers to collaborate and accelerate while strengthening the spirit of achieving Industry 4.0 more inclusively and sustainably in Indonesia.”

Mei Zhonghua, SVP at ZTE, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Telkomsel in our effort to continue building the 5G enterprise market in Indonesia. ZTE and Telkomsel have been collaborating in 5G for several years and in this collaboration, ZTE will be providing its latest 5G enterprise solutions to Telkomsel. We hope that this collaboration will help us achieve our shared goals, which is to accelerate the digital transformation in Indonesia.”

Through this collaboration, Telkomsel and ZTE will synergise in developing a portfolio of innovative product and service solutions by adopting Cloud PC technology that can implement virtualisation, centralised management, and sharing of computing, storage and network resources. Scheduling through the cloud data centre enables the effective use of virtual desktops. It can maximise computing for both companies and the public. In addition, the two companies will also explore opportunities for cooperation in the study of 5G Air-to-Ground network technology, which apart from being able to provide high-speed yet affordable broadband services for airline passengers, is also expected to increase the efficiency and security of airline operations.

The collaboration between Telkomsel and ZTE in developing the 5G service ecosystem has been running for the past few years and achieved several important achievements in promoting equal distribution of broadband access with the latest technology. In 2021, ZTE will become one of the network infrastructure partners supporting Telkomsel to become the first digital telecommunication company to roll out 5G network access and services in Indonesia.

Then, in 2022, Telkomsel will also be backed by ZTE to present the first application of 5G Underground Smart Mining technology in Southeast Asia within PT Freeport Indonesia’s mining operations is to support the digitisation and operational transformation of the mining industry in Indonesia. Telkomsel and ZTE will continue to strengthen their partnership in the future to accelerate the strengthening of the ecosystem with various proven leading product and service solutions in multiple countries.

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