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Tencent Cloud Join Hands with Allo Bank to Energise Digital Banking in Indonesia


Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global tech company, Tencent, has announced its collaboration with Allo Bank, Indonesia’s largest digital banking platform, to enhance digital banking in the country.

Since 2021, Tencent Cloud has deployed two Internet Data Centres (IDC) in Indonesia, demonstrating its commitment to meeting the ever-growing business needs in Indonesia. Leveraging its local market knowledge and years of experience, Tencent Cloud offers solutions that cater specifically to Allo Bank’s needs.

Reliability, Security and Cost-Effectiveness

To realise Allo Bank’s mission of serving the underbanked population in Indonesia, including tech-savvy young adults, Tencent Cloud has helped to improve the Allo app with high-quality and secure services. These include TDSQL, a reliable and scalable database management system with computing and storage resources for the bank to manage large amounts of data efficiently and effectively. TDSQL’s optimised thread pool scheduling algorithms enable it to deliver better heavy load performance, which is critical for handling Allo Bank’s high volume of transactions.

Furthermore, TDSQL’s availability and data reliability rates of up to 99.99% and 99.99999%, respectively, can help ensure that Allo Bank’s data is always available and secure. While TDSQL’s compatibility with MySQL protocols enables Allo Bank to seamlessly integrate with its existing systems and applications, TDSQL’s horizontal scaling capability allows businesses like Allo Bank to expand without downtime, making it a worry-free solution for growing companies. With TDSQL’s high-performance computing and storage resources, Allo Bank can now process up to 100,000 daily transactions, fulfilling Indonesians’ daily financial needs.

Reducing App Download Distribution Costs and More

By leveraging public cloud capabilities such as cloud hosting and CDN, TDSQL can also help Allo Bank reduce the cost of app download distribution, UAT and Dev Environment, while also providing app reinforcement and environment security protection solutions that can detect risks on the bank app side.

Jimmy Chen, Vice President at Tencent Cloud International and Managing Director at Southeast Asia, said, “We are pleased to enhance digital banking in Indonesia with cutting-edge technology such as TDSQL. Leveraging our years of global experience and expertise, Tencent Cloud is confident in providing Allo Bank with tailored solutions and services that fulfill its specific needs. We look forward to more collaborations in the future, including partnerships for additional solutions and services like eKYC.”

Indra Utoyo, President Director and CEO at Allo Bank, added, “Thanks to our valuable collaboration with Tencent Cloud, Allo Bank has been given a large boost in achieving its goals of managing vast amounts of data, handling high-frequency transactions, ensuring online security and managing risk control—with the aim of providing a revolutionary service to all digital banking users in Indonesia. We foresee an even more fruitful future with Tencent Cloud, as we set up plans to utilise more of their high-quality and highly reliable technology.”

The reliability of Tencent Cloud’s technology-enabled Allo Bank to scale its operations seamlessly and efficiently, contributing significantly to the bank’s explosive business growth and acquisition of six million users since its launch. As a result, Allo Bank was able to become the most downloaded digital banking application in Indonesia. This achievement is a testament to the high quality and reliability of Tencent Cloud’s technology and its ability to support global businesses in their endeavours.