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The Double-Edged Sword: Looking Towards Tech for A Sustainable Future
September 23, 2022 News


Written by: Khairul Haqeem, Journalist, AOPG.

As we’ve witnessed especially in recent years, technology has the ability to dramatically change and improve how businesses operate. But learning from the past, we must progress with technology in a way that won’t put a great toll on the environment that’s already that is already struggling with a number of issues, including global warming and increasing carbon emissions.

More than ten thousand people came to Bangkok for Huawei Connect 2022. As part of the digital change that is being unleashed onto the globe, one of the main topics of discussion throughout this conference has been about addressing sustainability.

Some highlights of sessions during the three-day conference are as follows:

Accelerators for Sustainability, Starting with the Network

Fast interconnectivity has changed the world, becoming one of the vital foundations of innovation. According to Richard Mahony, Informatech’s Vice President and Market Lead, going forward, it can also become the much-needed accelerator that organisations need to ensure long-term sustainability.

The term “5G” will slowly but surely become mainstream, and Richard believes that 5G technology is the primary driver for the telecom industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.

From Richard’s perspective, there are four key insights into the role that 5G plays as a sustainability accelerator:

  • 5G uses 90% less energy than 4G.
  • Retiring 3G reduces energy use by 15%.
  • Replacing copper access with FTTH cuts energy by 85%.
  • 35% less power in energy-efficient data centres.

Tech for Sustainable Future

David Lu, Huawei’s President of the Asia Pacific Strategy and Marketing Department, gave a presentation on the current state of technology and its role as a catalyst for a more sustainable future.

David stresses the need for all businesses, no matter how large or little, to make contributions to the greater good. The fire, as he phrased it, will grow stronger if everyone contributes to it. Together, we can safeguard the environment and cut down on carbon emissions if we work together.

Huawei PV Plant, Qinghai

For example, Huawei constructed the world’s first 100% green energy powered, 2.2 GW PV Plant in Qinghai. The facility has the capacity to handle 18.65 million kW of renewable energy at one time. In Huawei’s ongoing effort to repair the ecosystem, this is only one of many initiatives.

The Nature Guardians that Never Stop Listening

I had a really nice time learning from the presentation by Hj. Madhan Bin Hj. Kifile, the Head of Enforcement and Protection, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Malaysia. Sarawak is the largest state in all of Malaysia. Rainforests cover more than 60% of its total surface area and are believed to be more than 140 million years old, making them among the oldest rainforests in the world. Around 10,000 plant and animal species rely on its natural ecology for sustenance, protection, and a place to call home.

However, the rainforest’s temperature, environment, and biodiversity have all been negatively damaged by illegal logging, deforestation, and the spread of plantations, putting many species at risk of extinction.

Using Huawei’s cloud and AI technology, the solar-powered Guardian devices created by RFCx can identify the noises of illegal logging, such as chainsaws and cars, in real-time. Every unit has a listening range of up to 1.5 kilometres.

The best part is that the Guardian devices may also be used as a reference point for recording the behaviour of wild animals and finding new species of plants and animals with minimal human interference. Additionally, microwave signals are thought to be the next test addition to expanding the reach of the devices’ signal.

In a Nutshell

It is clear that sustainability will only become more and more significant. Thus, it is imperative that corporate leaders recognise the need of incorporating best practices and reshape the company to benefit the world in the long sustainable run. And based on these few examples, technology will play a key role in enabling this future.

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