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The Hortonworks’ Ecosystem is buzzing in Singapore – DataWorks Summit 2018


Big Community was invited as an official media to the DataWorks Summit 2018 supported by Hortonworks in Singapore last week.

We got the chance to speak to attendees and some of the senior Hortonworks executives who had made the trip for the event.

Hortonworks embodies the spirit of Big Data Open Source community, but as anyone who went to the event will see that they have become much more than a Big Data company.

Hadoop is at the core, but AI, Real-time analytics and delivering business value through insight was the company mantra we witnessed during our time at the event.

DataWorks is a fee-paying event, which means two things. The content has to be good and the people attending need to believe the knowledge they will gain will be of tangible value. Judging by the fact that there literally was “standing room” only and combining that with the “vibe” we felt from the attendees, we can only conclude that the Hortonworks’ ecosystem is alive, well and thriving.

In terms of what people got out of the event, over and above the training, Kamal Brar, Hortonworks’ VP of APAC and ME described it best.  He pointed out that DataWorks is a developer-centric event, the content has been designed with that audience in mind. Kamal wanted to ensure that customers and partners were well informed about the future roadmap and technologies. For Kamal, just as important was that attendees get to network with other users and learn what has been successful for them, as well as to meet some of the company’s founders and executives and engage in an information exchange.

Kamal also pointed out that partners and integrators are critical to the ecosystem. They are the ones that have hands-on experience of implementing and delivering projects. For Kamal, the event is about Hortonworks providing information, direction and technology but also about an ecosystem where knowledge is shared.

Bringing it back to the Hortonworks’ executives, the company’s CTO Scott Gnau flew in for the event. Speaking to him (See the interview here), we were hugely impressed with his knowledge and clarity and ability to articulate the value proposition of the Hortonworks ecosystem. In that respect we agree with Kamal, giving customers and partners the chance to meet face to face with the company’s executives, is a real value for all.

Booth at the event

Hortonworks Booth






Scott Gnau, CTO being interviewed